In our current culture, it seems that weight loss and health go hand in hand and for many women they mean the same thing. Being a holistic health coach for over 35 years and working in the weight loss industry I can tell you loud and clear: they do not mean the same thing.

What do you mean, you might ask. Isn’t losing weight healthy for you? Well, not necessarily. Read on to discover how to distinguish between the two and how to make the shift to be the healthiest you can be.

When you make food choices with weight loss in mind you look for food that can deliver… well… weight loss.
• That means that you are vulnerable to the latest diet crazes, fads and strategies.
• You are following people who have ‘done it’ and shed the weight by cutting out food groups, followed an unbalanced way of eating or used different ‘tips and tricks’ to see results.
• While there are weight loss programs that also promote healthy choices the fact that you expect to see the result of your meal on the scale can make you choose foods that ‘deliver’ weight loss over health.
• The weight loss industry is a huge money-making industry, there are many ‘unhealthy for you’ food products that are marketed for profit while being processed, loaded with additives and artificial ingredients.
• The most important thing is that eating for weight loss cuts you off from your body’s own intelligence and deep knowledge. You see your cravings as enemies, you see certain foods that are healing and high in nutrients as undesirable, just because they might be high in calories, high in carbs, high in fats etc…
• You forget that your number one guidance system is your own body and put more faith in diet experts, diet books and weight loss companies.
• When you eat this way you might get weight loss results but typically they will be short lived and you will be among the 95% who gain the weight back after a diet.
• Eating this way is not aligned with your body and it will eventually rebel.

When you make food choices with health and longevity in mind you ask yourself ‘what will this food give me’?
• You will look for foods that deliver high amounts of nutrients and health benefits.
• You will eat in a way that prevents diseases and illnesses by emphasizing foods that heal.
• You will listen to your digestion and how it reacts to certain foods.
• You will see cravings as your body’s messages that teach you what you need, what is missing and what is out of balance.
• You will have so many ways to tune into your body’s wisdom. Your energy, your mood, your digestion, your mental clarity, your sleep patterns, your stress level are all indications to fine-tune what you are doing and become your inner compasses to choosing the foods that work best for you.
• When you eat this way you can detach from the ’noise’ of the current shiny diet and know that your own body’s wisdom is your most reliable guide.

You will gravitate towards others who do the same thing and connect with health guides, friends and communities that encourage you to listen to and to trust yourself.

The most amazing thing I have witnesses over and over again with the women in my Women Health Circle is that when they make the shift from eating for weight loss to eating for health and longevity so many of them lose weight without even trying and that weight stays off. It is almost like you have to take on the attitude that losing weight is none of your business and trust your body to be in charge. It knows what is the healthy weight for you and how to get there.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Are you eating for weight loss? Are you eating for health and longevity? Are you somewhere in the middle? Do you want to learn how to make the shift? Please leave a comment ❤️

Xoxo Rachel