Hi Beautiful Souls,

~~~ “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” ~~~ Zig Ziglar

I often have new clients that complain they lost their motivation. It goes something like this: “I used to have motivation to make healthy choices/eat better/exercise/take care of myself. When I was motivated everything was easier, I was on track and in the zone. Now, I lost my motivation and can’t seem to get back to my healthy routines. Every day is a struggle.”

What is this elusive thing we call motivation and why do we sometimes have it and sometime not?

Motivation is the result of being inspired. You can feel inspired by someone’s story of overcoming obstacles. You can be inspired by envisioning the health you would like to have. You can get inspired by seeing what’s possible and knowing there’s hope. When you’re inspired the struggle to make healthy choices diminishes and everything flows effortlessly. Suddenly your cravings for sugar are gone , you can get up early in the morning to practice yoga and making the time to cook healthy meals feels like a pleasure.

When your resistance to change comes up, and it always does, your motivation starts wavering and things become harder. The more you fight your resistance, the stronger it becomes. You start feeling discouraged, frustrated and defeated because your unhealthy habits are back with a vengeance.

My suggestion? Don’t fight your resistance, just acknowledge it’s there and then look for things that continue to inspire you. A spark of inspiration will rekindle your motivation and will help you stay on a healthy path.

Years ago, I decided to practice yoga but just couldn’t get myself to the yoga studio or to my living room mat. Every night I promised myself that tomorrow I will practice yoga and every day I let myself down. I grew very frustrated and angry with myself. The angrier I got, the less likely I was to start my practice. So I decided to stop fighting myself and stop trying to do yoga. I bought a subscription to yoga journal, started reading the articles and the yoga poses health benefits. I started watching yoga videos. I cut out pictures of women doing yoga and made a collage on a pin board in my office. After a few weeks, I just woke up one morning and started practicing yoga. I didn’t “try” or force myself or push myself. I was just inspired and it was easy and fun.

What can inspire you to stay motivated?

Here are a few suggestion:
• Make a collage or dream board of images that reflect your health goals.
• Watch a health themed movie, there are many on Netflix and Amazon Prime.
• Order books that motivate you to live healthier, I am currently listening to an audio book about Ayurveda on my morning walks.
• Get a subscription to a magazine about healthy living/eating.
• Join a group that exercises together like a walking group or a yoga group.
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Stay in an environment and a conversation about healthy living and you will always feed your motivation with inspiration, hope and joy.

xoxo Rachel

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