Women’s Health Circle

Because… you are not meant to do it alone 

If you

  • Struggle to achieve your health goals by yourself
  • Have a hard time prioritizing yourself and your well being
  • Spend most of your time taking care of others
  • Tired of “expert” definitions of what it means to be healthy FOR YOU
  • Feel confused with all the contradictory messages of the health industry
  • Feel your body changing but not sure how to nurture its changing need



Through the ages, women got together in sacred and self-care circle like Goddess circles, Moon circles and Red-Tent circles to create a community of sisterhood. In our modern days of juggling jobs, careers, family, obligations and an ever growing virtual life we seem to be connected to more people than ever through modern technology and yet, we have never been more isolated. So many of us feel like we have to be able to create a healthy and radiant life by ourselves and feel like a failure when things get too hard and we fall short. So many things that we used to do in community, like cooking, giving each other massages, going for walks together, growing food together, listening to each other as we go through life’s triumphs and challenges, we now do alone. Most of us live in nuclear families and our lives are no longer intertwined with extended family or a larger community. Many of us came from dysfunctional and even abusive families and communities don’t feel like a nurturing place. And society gives us the message that we should be able to do it all by our lonesome.

We are not meant to do it alone. We are meant to be surrounded by a community that wraps us up with warm connections and lifts us up when we need a boost. This women health circle will fill up that deep need for connection with like minded sisters who will travel through their health journey together.


I bet you know at least 10 things that you can do to improve your health that you are not doing. Right? We have a lot of information. What we lack is not more information but support. It is getting that information in a supportive way from someone that will be there before and after, hold your hand and walk with you as you implement the changes and guide you along the challenges.

This group has multiplied support from me and from all the participants. We will meet regularly, you can e-mail me between meetings and we will have a virtual group where we can all connect with each other, ask questions, request help, receive encouragement and celebrate progress.


When you try to do things alone they are usually short lived because no one is looking, encouraging, cheering, checking in. We all need accountability buddies to reach our health goals, it just doesn’t work as well without.

Accountability in a loving and nurturing way does wonders. When you tell someone you will do something, you are much more likely to do it. When you tell a whole group, the likelihood multiplies. And when that group showers you with encouragement and tells you “you can do it”, it will be impossible to not make progress.


We do know a lot about health and nutrition today, we have so much information at our fingertips, and yet…. we are so confused! “Dairy – good or bad?”, “Should I cut out gluten?”, “Why can’t I stop eating carbs?”, “Why is the exercise I used to do no longer work for me?”. We are bombarded with messages that are immediately followed by contradictory messages.

As an Integrative-Nutrition holistic health coach I do not have an agenda to get you to eat vegan, raw, paleo or any way that does not work for you. I understand that your best guide is your own body and I will teach you how to learn to listen to what your body is telling you and what it needs. There is no one diet that works for every body and our body’s need constantly evolve because of internal and external changes. Learning to listen to our body is a recipe for a life-long radiance.


Women’s relationship with food and with their body is a loaded subject. We feel vulnerable to share our struggles, we feel that we will be judged, we feel shame, we feel like failures, our perfectionism stops us from sharing and reaching out for help.

This circle is a safe place. You will be honored. You will be seen. You will not be judged or criticized in any way. No matter what your healing journey been like, you will be accepted with open hearts. It is very important for us to feel this safety in order for healing to happen in a deep and significant level.


So many of us have done it, got a new diet book, started a new detox program, joined a gym, made the commitment to be ‘all in’, and we try, we really try, but at some point, we don’t fully understand why, our old habits seem to creep back in, our commitments seem to evaporate, our new regime seems too hard, or too boring.

I believe in making slow and gradual changes. I believe in taking time to integrate those changes and having support as we do. I believe that when we do too much, too fast, it becomes harder to maintain. I will give this group a few recommendations at each meeting that will include nutrition, lifestyle, nourishing rituals, healing practices and more. My approach combines body-mind-hear-spirit practices to take you to big transformations, one small step at a time.

About Me

My name is Rachel Kieffer and I am a certified holistic health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I have been leading Women health Circles for over 20 years, locally and virtually. The women in my group have experience incredible healing from a variety of health issues like adrenal fatigue and autoimmune conditions, from unhealthy patterns like self neglect and emotional eating, from unhealthy habits like poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. My goal is to guide and inspire every woman I work with to heal her relationship with her body, her relationship with food and fall in love with herself and with a healthy life.


We will meet online for a one hour video call twice a month.

After every meeting I will e-mail the group their recommendations from the meeting.

Every participant will have two weeks to integrate those recommendations gradually.

IMPORTANT!!! No need to do all of your recommendations or to do them perfectly. This group is about making progress, taking steps towards your goals and moving forward. Each woman will do it in her pace and time.

In between meetings you will have access to me via email, you can ask me any questions, clarification and support as you go through the recommendations.

We will have a virtual group where we can all be connected to each other, share what we are following, request help and encouragement, give love, get love and celebrate our progress.


At every meeting I will be giving a list of a few recommendations for 2 weeks that cover all areas of health; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The recommendations will include:

  • Nutrition for our ever changing lives and bodies
  • Overcoming the resistance to prioritizing ourselves and our health
  • Nurturing and loving self-care practices
  • Creating a community of support
  • Feeding our souls to heal our relationship with food
  • Friending our bodies and rejoicing in our fully feminine selves

I will also include recommendations that are based on each group’s health goals. While these meeting are not 1:1 consultations, I will address, as much as possible, each participants main concerns and goals.

Module 1

• Introductions
• Setting Powerful Intentions
• Defining Your Health Goals
• Prioritizing You And Your Health
• Creating A Loving Relationship With Yourself

Module 2

• Your Relationship With Your Body
• Learning To Listen To Your Body
• What Your Body Needs To Heal
• Exploring Food Sensitivities And Intolerances

Module 3

• Your Relationship With Food.
• Healing The Diet Mindset
• Healing Emotional Eating, Food Compulsion And Food Addictions
• Primary Foods – Feeding Your Heart, Mind And Spirit

Module 4

• Loving The Foods That Love Your Body
• Whole VS Processed VS Refined Food
• Creating Pleasurable Meals
• Creating Balanced Meals

Module 5

• Seasonal Cleanse
• Freedom From Sugar Addiction
• Healing Our Digestion
• Healing Fatigue, Reducing Stress And Growing Younger

Module 6

• Daily Nurturing Rituals
• Finding The Right Physical Activity For You
• Celebrating Success
• Continued Support And Resources

The Blue Zones

Okinawa (Japan); Sardinia (Italy); Nicoya (Costa Rica); Icaria (Greece) and Loma Linda, California

I have been fascinated by the blue zones and have been studying them for a while. The blue zones are 5 areas on our planet, where a large percentage of the population live into their 90s and 100s in excellent health. They are not bed ridden. They are not hooked to machines in hospitals. They are not crippled with old age. They are active and vibrant, a bit slower than when they were younger, but fully functioning and fully living.

There have been many studies and researches to learn their “secrets”. Every blue zone is different in term of climate, diet and lifestyle but what they all have in common is a strong connection to community. They live a life where they feel cared about, connected and supported.

Dr. Dean Ornish, a world famous cardiologist and health expert, wrote in his book ‘LOVE AND SURVIVAL’, that no other factor in medicine, “not diet, not smoking, not exercise, not stress, not genetics, not drugs, not surgery”, affects our health, quality and length of life more than feeling loved and cared for.

We can create our own blue zone community right here with the Women Health Circle and beyond.


This group is for you if:

  • You are ready to prioritize your health
  • You are confused by all the information out there and want to figure out what’s right for you
  • You are willing to commit to meeting online for one hour once every two weeks
  • You are looking for support and guidance from an experienced health coach
  • You love being with other women and work towards mutual goals
  • You are respectful and supportive towards other women


The cost of my 1:1, six month program that includes 2 monthly consultations is $3900. And while I love working with women one on one, I feel that I can bring more healing to more women in groups and offer the same guidance at a fraction of the price. I am able to reach more women and I love the added support that we all get in a group setting. My private consultations are amazing and worth every penny, but they were not accessible to women who could not afford them. The Women Health Circle is offered at an affordable price, I really want the Circles to bring healing to many women, at all income levels.

I signed up for Rachel’s six month nutritional counseling program, during a transitional time in my life. I was already eating a natural foods diet, but I wasn’t feeling so motivated to cook and prepare the best food for myself. Rachel’s warmth and understanding were very comforting and made me feel supported. Her counseling didn’t only relate to the actual food I put in my mouth, but to other kinds of nourishment in my life, as well. Rachel helped me take very “doable” steps that improved my health and energy levels. She translates her knowledge into simple and practical steps that are easy to implement, so the process of change is pleasant and not intimidating. I highly recommend Rachel, she can truly help you improve your health and your life!
Hana Dolgin

Saxophonist and Kangen Water Distributor

Working with Rachel over the last six months has helped me to make some major changes in my life. Even though I have always eaten pretty well, with all I learned about food and well being from Rachel, I now have a much healthier relationship with food and am so much more confident about selecting and preparing whole and nourishing foods that are good for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. With the help of changes in my diet and deepening of my yoga practice I have quit smoking and cut back dramatically my consumption of sugar and coffee. I have made major changes in my diet and in my life and Rachel’s wisdom, knowledge, gentle persistence and kindness made that possible. I will take all that I have learned here with me for the rest of my life. I look forward to continuing my journey of eating well and living well.

Yoga teacher, California

What an impact you have made on me. I completed your program awhile ago but am still reaping the benefits. I was tired all the time, I gained wait and I had terrible acne to go a long with my bad eating habits. I feel so much better now! I have energy, I am upbeat, I am focused, and I am so happy that you have given me this knowledge. I know that it is saving my life and the lives of my daughters and their future generation as well. I was so pleased the other night to see them cleaning their plates of chicken and broccoli, served with buckwheat soba noodles. The oldest asked for seconds! Rachel, I never would have experienced the pleasure of eating right and feeding my family such healthy whole foods if i had not met you. we ate fruits and veggies, but the processed foods were probably undoing the benefits of the good foods. i now have a wide repertoire of healthy choices to cook and aerve. i am also now known for my strawberry couscous cake, which I made for my sister’s birthday last year 🙂
Thanks Rachel for everything that you have given us.  It really was The Hand of God that led me to you. It was the best investment I have ever made! I hope to see the returns for generations to come.”

Mother and bakery owner, New York

What a difference you have made in my life-style in the last year. I have both high blood pressure and diabetes. With your help I have learned to change my eating habits, learned to cook new vegetables, beans, etc, new exercises to do. This has enabled me to lower my blood pressure, control my diabetes, and lose 40 lbs. You treat the total person and address not only the nutritional aspects, but the mental and physical aspects so that I was able to deal with my problems and make the necessary changes to my daily life-style. These changes are now my normal routine and I feel so much better about myself. Thank you again for your help.

Government clerk, New York

I feel Rachel’s health counseling has helped me in many ways. I learned about eating better foods and nutrition for mind and body. I also learned to relax and cope with the stress of day to day living. It’s been both informative and educational in a fun, exciting and easy environment which Rachel provided for me.

Salon owner, New York

The words thank you are not enough to express my gratitude to you! You’ve inspired me and guided me on my healing journey. As God said: ‘to whom much is given, much is expected.’ I expect to do great things with my new found knowledge!

School teacher, New York

You seem to have a gift from the creator: wisdom to heal a person’s exact needs with ease. Thank you very much for the perfect food for perfect health.

Health educator, New York

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