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I’ve already done a lot of reading and research about sugar because I know it’s my bad habit, and I found that your workshop helped me get to a deeper level of awareness around my relationship with sugar and it’s role in my life. The workshop had a great balance of information, action and contemplation and the exercises were kind, gentle, understanding and non-judgemental. I liked that you included your personal story with sugar, it made me trust you more because you’ve already had positive results from this work.
As a result of doing this workshop I have been more mindful about when I’m craving sugar and what I can do for myself instead. I’ve also been buying less sugary stuff and eating healthier foods. I am able to have completely sugar free days and I feel great! My moods are more balanced and I am much more patient with everyone around me, including me!
Thank you,
Christine MJ

The words thank you are not enough to express my gratitude to you! You’ve inspired me and guided me on my healing journey. You’ve reminded me that ‘I, me and my’ must come first if I’m to better fulfill my purpose in life. As God said: ‘to whom much is given, much is expected.’ I expect to do great things with my new found knowledge!
Marie, School Teacher

You seem to have a gift from the creator: wisdom to heal a person’s exact needs with ease. Thank you very much for the perfect food for perfect  health.
Etta, Health Educator

This program has  completely changed the way I think about food. I feel so much more aware of what  I’m putting in my body, and how food affects not just my general health but my overall happiness and well being. I’m really struck by how this program has used  diet and health to draw together so many different aspects of my life: not only  do I feel much better physically and emotionally, but I’ve seen real growth in  my work, career, spiritual path, and personal relationship. I really like the  way this program focuses on positive rather than negative, with the theory that  if you add good healthy things to your life, the unhealthy fall away by  themselves. It focuses on what I *can* do, not what I *should* do. Just that  change of perspective has had a huge impact on my life, and given me faith that  I’ll continue to build on that things I’ve learned about my body and myself  during the past six months.
Jeff, Brooklyn College Professor

What a difference you have made in my life-style in the last year. I have both high blood pressure and diabetes. With your help I have learned to change my eating habits, learned to cook new vegetables, beans, etc, new exercises to do. This has enabled me to lower my blood pressure, control my diabetes, and lose 40 lbs. You treat the total person and address not only the nutritional aspects, but the mental and physical aspects so that I was able to deal with my problems and make the necessary changes to my daily life-style. These changes are now my normal routine and I feel so much better about myself. Thank you again for your help.
Sally Kaufman, Retired Government Clerk

What an impact you have made on me. I completed your program awhile ago but am still reaping the benefits. I was tired all the time, I gained weight and I had terrible acne to go a long with my bad eating habits. I feel so much  better now! I have energy, I am upbeat, I am focused, and I am so happy that you  have given me this knowledge. I know that it is saving my life and the lives of  my daughters and their future generation as well. I was so pleased the other night to see them cleaning their plates of chicken and broccoli, served with  buckwheat soba noodles. The oldest asked for seconds! Rachel, I never would have  experienced the pleasure of eating right and feeding my family such healthy whole foods if I had not met you. We ate fruits and veggies, but the processed  foods were probably undoing the benefits of the good foods. I now have a wide repertoire of healthy choices to cook and serve. I am also now known for my  strawberry couscous cake, which I made for my sister’s birthday last year  🙂 Thanks Rachel for everything that you have given us. It really was The  Hand of God that led me to you. It was the best investment I have ever made! I  hope to see the returns for generations to come.
Gina, Mother and Bakery Owner

Working with Rachel over the last six months has helped me to make some major changes in my life. Even though I have always eaten pretty well, with all I learned about food and well being from Rachel, I now  have a much healthier relationship with food and am so much more confident about selecting and preparing whole and nourishing foods that are good for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. With the help of changes in my diet and deepening of my yoga practice I have quit smoking and cut back dramatically my consumption of sugar and coffee. I have made major changes in my diet and in my life and Rachel’s wisdom, knowledge, gentle persistence and kindness made that possible. I will take all that I have learned here with me for the rest of my life. I look forward to continuing my journey of eating well and living well.
Melissa, Yoga Teacher

Rachel is EARTH MOTHER! I so needed her nurturing spirit. Being I lost my mother to breast cancer, Rachel’s warmth and femininity really assisted in this area. I also gained confidence in the area of my life’s work. As I client I learned tangible skills to use in the area of cooking, healing, and the overall energets of  food. Today I have a better understanding of what my body needs and I actually crave brown rice which I hated a year ago! I feel rejuvenated and I know when I’m eating from my emotional center and what to do about it. Rachel’s energy reads “Welcome”, she radiates goodness and caring. It is so much better when the Universe chooses something for your highest good, I am so blessed that the Universe chose Rachel for me!
Jill, Health Coach

Rachel, thank you so much for all your insight, counseling, advice, recommendations and most of all listening, just simply listening to me! Let me remember what you did for me. I remember how gentle, encouraging and  non-judgmental you were with me and in regards to others/situations. You were able to relax me and even gently massaged my shoulders when I could barely sit still. Before this, with the exception of my husband it was hard to let anyone touch me! When dealing with my damn insomnia you clued me in on how to soak my feet right before bed, snuggle up with my heating pad and take more chamomile tea instead of coffee. You got me into beans and oat groats, the latter being  something I had never heard of before but came to enjoy very much. Ahh, you were here when I fell “in love” with greens and began to eat nothing but red Swiss chard until you gently advices me to explore other greens so that I had a healthy variety. You encouraged me to work for myself, to believe in myself  and that the only difference between the people that go out there and do what they want vs those who don’t is NOT talent but confidence. People that believe in themselves, DO for themselves. Most of all you encouraged me to be me,  you let me cry, laugh and bring to light what I felt was so dark and “icky”  inside of me. Thank you for being there for me, I appreciate you VERY much  and wish you lots of success, peace and happiness in all that you do in your days ahead. With love and peace.
Kat, Mother and Writer

I feel Rachel’s health counseling has helped me in many ways. I learned about eating better foods and nutrition for mind and body. I also learned to relax and cope with the stress of day to day living. It’s been both informative and educational in a fun, exciting and easy environment which Rachel provided for me.
Joann, Hairdresser

Dear Rachel, Here is a picture of my home region and a peace, calmness and spirituality I have always wanted to achieve. This picture has lived with me for many years and as I look at it today, I say to myself: “I Am Here.” Thank you. Thank you for teaching me, believing in me, trusting me and for being who you  are. I am so grateful to be blessed with you and by you. I am spreading the goodness everywhere I go. Cheers, Love and Ciao for now.”
Mia, Artist

At this time I’d like to report
I’m feeling better and better
Thank you for all the support
You have been an inspirational guide
Showing me the love I am cannot hide
I am grateful for the time we’ve been able to share
I’ll pass your gift onto others and continue to care.
Peace and love.

Robin, Mother and Teacher

Rachel Kieffer

Holistic Health Coach

Certified by The Institute For Integrative Nutrition And The American Association of Drugless Practitioners