Our bodies react to seasonal changes, like trees, like nature, like the blooming flowers. Spring is the season of waking up, new beginning and transformation.

The following 3 rituals will help you welcome the spring with up uplifted energy and radiance.

Ritual 1 – New Beginnings

Spring is the perfect time to start something new and let go of the old. Think of habits, behaviors or patterns that no longer bring you joy and health. What will you replace them with?
Perhaps you need to exercise your body in a new way, take a new class or join a new exercise group.
Maybe you need to change your wardrobe and wear things that reflect who you are now and not who you have been.
Renew your spirit by learning something new, a language, a craft, a musical instrument.
What can you do to bring in newness and freshness into your daily routines?

Ritual 2 – Envision Healthy You

Take some time to write a very detailed description of ‘healthy you’. If you were at your healthiest, what would you and your life look like? What will you be doing? Where will you be living? How will you spend your day? What will you be eating? Who will you be with? What will you look like? How will you be feeling?
Create a very vivid picture of ‘healthy you’ with your words. Imagine it, see it, feel it, make it alive and vibrant.
Why wait? Start living as ‘healthy you’ right now!

Ritual 3 – Renew Your Digestion And Organs

The spring is an excellent time to let go of heaviness, fatigue and toxins by healing and nourishing your digestion and cleansing your organs. For a few days avoid foods that are hard to digest and remove foods that are highly processed and refined. Focus on eating lots of produce, whole grains, legumes and drinking a lot of water.
Health starts in your digestive system and by allowing it to gently cleanse you will be flowing it with health and vitality, you will be revitalizing every cell in your body.
To get you started, I have created a 3 day spring cleanse that is full of delicious and easy to make meals that will infuse your body with health. You can download it for free at Healthnutgirl.com

Wishing you a happy and healthy spring.

xoxo Rachel