Hello Dear Hearts,

Are you overwhelmed by cravings for unhealthy foods?
Do you have an uncontrollable sweet tooth?
Or are you unable to resist crunchy salty chips?
Or any other food that is making you feel blah?

We all know when we eat foods that are not good for us.
Our bodies tell us by:
A feeling of heaviness
A feeling of sleepiness
Digestive discomfort

We will also create compromised health that can manifest in many ways and through many conditions.

So why do we still eat those foods?
And why are we not eating more healing foods?

When I was first introduced to kale I could not eat it. Being a confessed “sugar junky” at the time, it tasted too bitter to me. But I knew it was healthy and I was learning about the many benefits of dark leafy greens, so I kept trying to eat it in different ways, and after a few tries, I actually started craving it.


Many of the processed, manufactured, restaurant and prepared foods on the market are high in sugar, salt and chemicals. They assault and numb our taste buds so that natural tasting and good for you food does not taste good to us. They are also highly addictive. Food companies and restaurants use excitotoxins, chemicals that excite out taste buds, that make us crave them more, and that are toxic to our bodies.

If you have watched the movie “Supersize Me”, you will remember how fast Morgan Spurlock got addicted to fast food even though it was making him sick rapidly. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it.

Start eating more whole foods.
Foods that grow.
Foods that you prepare at home. 

As your body heals, your taste buds will heal and your cravings will start to change. Give healthy foods a chance, try things that are good for you again and again.

A great way to start is to go on my 7 Day Cleanse. It will gently remove unhealthy foods and toxins from your system and introduce healing foods to your body. It will help you transition to a whole food diet and fine tune your eating habits.

The more healing foods you eat, the more healing foods you’ll crave and gradually they will crowd out the foods that are making you unwell. You deserve to be your most radiant self.