What if
Every morning
You got dressed
With clothes you love
Because of their vibrancy
Or their captivating pattern
Or how soft they felt
Against your skin
Never once thinking
Does that make me Look fat

What if you chose
To eat food
Based on
How well it made
Your digestion work
How much energy
It gave you
How alive
It made you feel
How it made your cells
Hum with joy
As well as how delicious
It tastes

What if
You chose to move
In ways that made
Your body feel

What if
You stopped trying
To lose weight
And instead decided
To gain health
To gain life

You see
It is never
About the weight
It is always
About the love

Loving yourself
So much
So fiercely
So completely
So tenderly
That you would never
Putting harmful food
In your body
Or eating large quantities
Or staying sedentary all day
Or talking to yourself
In a way
You would never talk
To a dear friend

You don’t have
A weight issue
Excess weight is just the result
Of not loving
Yourself enough
Of not cherishing
Your precious self
Of not honoring
Your magnificent body
Of not delighting
And who you are
So next time
You think “I’m fat”
Turn it around
And tell yourself “I love you!”
And make a choice
That is led
By love