We spend so much time obsessing about what we eat
We have so many
And shouldn’t haves

How many times
Have you felt guilty
And beaten yourself up
For eating something?

Even the language we use
Is very charged
We are “bad” if we eat carbs
The cake looks absolutely “sinful”
And we experience “death” by chocolate

We often say that everything that is not good for us tastes too good
That food we “shouldn’t” love is decadent, divine and heavenly

And we develop a love/hate relationship with food
That for many of us
Turns into an obsession and a compulsion

One of the important steps
In healing our relationship with food
And with ourselves
Is to watch the language we use

It is not helpful to think of food
In terms of “good” and “bad”
And it is definitely harmful
To think of ourselves in those terms
Based on what we eat

It is much more empowering
To ask the following questions
About our food choices:
“How is this food working for me?”
“How do I feel when I eat this way?”
“Will this food help me to create
The health and the life
I want to have?”

Speak to yourself differently

Switch the word SHOULD
With the word COULD

Should makes you feel
And bad

Could opens the door to making
Choices you are in charge of

And remember that healthy eating
Is not something
That happens instantly
It is a journey
Of discovery
Of exploration
And adventure

If you are struggling
With out-of-control food compulsions
I would love to help
I have been there
And know what it’s like
And have helped many women
Transform their relationship with food
And fall in love with a healthy life
Message me if you want to talk
And learn more about my 6 month consultation program




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