Hi Gorgeous Souls,

I hope you are enjoying the changing seasons as much as I am. So far we have been having a gorgeous fall in the U.S. east coast. I am inviting you to try a fall (or spring if you are in Oz) cleanse.

Fall is the perfect time to do a cleanse.

As the seasons change it is good to give our body and immune system a healthy boost to prepare us for the cooler days and the winter to come.

There are many cleanses and detox programs out there. Some of them are very extreme and focus on fasting and or juicing without any solid foods. Some of them are gentler and emphasize cleansing foods and practices. The more extreme cleanses are better done with supervision and while we are in a structured environment. The gentler cleanses, which I recommend, can be done while living our lives normally.

Why cleanse???

Here are the top 10 reasons.

1. Get rid of toxins.
We live in an environment that has toxins coming at us from all direction. The polluted air we breath. Chemicals in many of the cleaning and beauty products we use. Preservatives, chemicals and pesticides in the foods we eat. With time, those toxins accumulate and can cause a succession of chronic conditions that are related to toxic overload. Getting rid of toxins lead to better health, stronger immune system and will add years to your life.

2. Healthier digestion
Health begins with a well functioning digestion. Over time, our digestive system gets clogged up with excess waste, mucus and toxins and a cleanse helps flush them out. When our digestive system is cleansed the foods we eat gets digested and absorbed better and our body gets a lot more nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

3. Better elimination
A cleansed digestive system helps the food move better through the colon and intestines. We will also eliminate old waste that was “stuck” in our digestive system. Emphasizing cleansing foods that are high in fiber and easily digested will help your elimination process run smoothly. You will feel lighter and cleansed from the inside.

4. More energy
This is one of the main reasons that people want to do a cleanse. Fatigue and low energy are the number one health complaint for women these days. Following a cleanse you will notice a big boost in your energy levels and will be able to accomplish much more.

5. Better focus
Eliminating toxins from our food and body helps to clear the mental fog that interferes with our thinking. You will be able to think better, remember better and focus on what is really important.

6. Healthier organs
Many toxins can end up in our liver and in other organs as well. A cleanse helps eliminate toxins from our organs and help them function better.

7. Better sleep
With a cleansed system, better digestion and better nutrient absorption many people who suffer from sleep difficulties notice a great improvement in the length and quality of their sleep. Better sleep also contributes to better energy and focus.

8. Glowing skin and hair
The skin is the largest organ of elimination and a cleansed system coupled with increased nutrients mean clearer more radiant skin and shinier and stronger hair.

9. Feel happier
As you body gets rid of toxins, you will also start getting rid of emotional toxins, be able to let go of things that no longer contribute to a happy life and embrace the things that bring you joy.

10. Grow younger
Toxins accelerate the aging process. When your cells are cleansed and well nourished your body will be able to regenerate better and slow down the aging process. You will look and feel younger.

Many people are drawn to cleanses as a way to lose weight. And they will experience weight loss, sometimes very significantly, while doing a cleanse. But that weight loss will be short lived if they return to their previous lifestyle afterwards. A cleanse is a great opportunity to look at our habits and make healthy changes that will result is a healthy body at a healthy weight for life.

I invite you to experience my 7 Day Cleanse.
It will gradually and gently guide you in and out of the cleanse.
It includes plenty of yummy food choices.
It is very easy to follow and doable.
It will give you glowing results.

Read all about it here.

Happy cleansing.