Have you been feeling
In need of a healthy kickstart?

It is time for a spring cleanse!

During spring nature goes through a process of cleanse and renewal.
The snows are melting.
The trees are budding.
The earth is waking up from the winter frost.
And it is the perfect time to join that energy
And cleanse and renew our bodies.

A dietary cleanse is a great thing to do at the beginning of every season.
So even if you are in Australia, where it is now autumn, a cleanse would be a great idea.

So, what is a cleanse???

A cleanse is when you remove foods/drinks from your daily intake
There are many forms of cleanses.
From complete fasting – no food, no drinks
To slightly modifying what we eat
The type of cleanse that would be right for you
Depends on your lifestyle, health, ability to follow

The health benefits of a cleanse are AMAZING!!!


Release and flush toxins from our body
Detoxify our organs
Cleanse our digestive system
Increase energy
Increase our mental clarity
Increase health and well being
Are a great way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle

I have developed a gentle, gradual and easy 7 day cleanse
That I have done many times myself
And with hundreds of clients very successfully

It is easy
Anyone can do it
You can modify it if you need to
It includes meal suggestions and recipes
And it is a great opportunity
To refocus on a healthier life
Please check it out


And email me if you have any questions
At contact@healthnutgirl.com

Here Is An Easy And Delicious Recipe From The Cleanse

Carrot Apple Salad
In a food processor grate carrots and apples.
To make dressing mix together:
Juice of one orange
2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
A pinch of salt.
Pour over salad and toss.




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