Hello loves,

In this video IĀ have a quick health tip for you; soaking your grains before cooking them. Many people know that soaking beans is a good idea but don’t know that soaking grains has great health benefits too. Watch this quick video (or read the blog below) to learn how to soak your grains and what the health benefits are. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

How To Soak Your Grains

Rinse your grains in a fine colander under running water and put them in a bowl, cover with filtered water and soak. I like to soak my grains for 8 hour but even a quick 30 minute soak is beneficial. Before cooking, rinse the grains and cook in fresh, clean filtered water or broth.

I soak brown rice, quinoa, millet, barley, oat groats, wheat berries, amaranth. I often soak a combination of a few grains and cook them together. I do not soak buckwheat (kasha) because it will turn to mush.

Health Benefit #1 Of Soaking Grains

Soaking helps to break down the acids in the grains, those acids can prevent us from absorbing certain nutrients, so when we soak the grains they become more nutritious and our body can get more nutrients out of them.

Health Benefit #2 Of Soaking Grains

Soaking makes the grains more digestible so eating them will cause less bloating, less abdominal pain, less gas and less digestive discomfort. Soaked grains = a happy tummy!

Soaking is an easy step to improve your digestion and your health, it doesn’t take any time at all, just soak it and forget it, and it also significantly shorten the cooking time. Happy soaking!

xoxo Rachel