Hello beautiful women,

This week’s self-love practice is a very good practice for those of you who are trying to eat healthier and find it difficult. If you feel that you “should” be eating healthier food that you don’t really like, if you feel that all the foods you love are not good for you, then this is a great thing to know: Your body is going to crave what you give it. 

If you get up in the morning and your breakfast is a cup of coffee and a donut, guess what? You are going to crave sugar all day long. But if you start bringing in foods that you know are healthy for you, bring them in even if you don’t think you like them because as you eat them, you will start craving them more and more. 

I have seen it happen over and over again. One of my clients did not like leafy green vegetables, in fact she didn’t like vegetables in general. One of the things we did was figuring out a lot of different ways to bring in leafy green vegetables in a more delicious way. She learned how to make kale chips, she kind of liked it because they were crunchy. She started making fruit smoothies, which she liked, and started putting in a little bit of greens just to get used to them. She made soups she liked like chicken soup and added a little spinach to it. Little by little she started bringing in those green leafy vegetables into her food choices in ways that were more acceptable to her. Now, she loves green leafy vegetables, she eats them every day and if she doesn’t, her body actually craves them and gives her the message of “I want leafy green vegetables”! 

Think about what you want to change in your food choices. Start bringing in more of the foods that you know are good for you in a consistent way and you will see that after a while your body will start requesting those foods and you will start craving those foods. 

I would love to hear from you, what is one good for you food that you would like to bring in?

xoxo Rachel