I am so excited to talk to my dearest friend and colleague, Cindy Kochis about food canning.


Cindy has been preserving food in natural and healthy ways for many years. It is a traditional art inspired by her great grandmother. 

Watch the video to learn:
~ Why this tradition is important
~ How to use the harvest season to stretch the variety and nutrients of produce into the winter
~ Why emphasizing local produce is significant
~ How to can in an easy and non-intimidating way
~ An awesome recipe for home-made salsa is included – YUM!!!

If you love salsa, try Cindy’s Restaurant-Style Mexican Salsa recipe. You’ll find it at https://elementsforahealthierlife.com/restaurant-style-salsa/. If you have no desire to can, this recipe can be frozen in freezer containers (up to six months).

If you’re curious to read Cindy’s journey, visit CKKochis.com. I recommend taking the time to explore the recipes and wellness articles at ElementsForAHealthierLife.com (you’ll find several of my recipes and wellness articles there). In addition, Cindy recently created an online store at UnBoxYourKitchen.com! There you’ll find ingredients and kitchen products to help you unbox your kitchen.

What have you learned from this video? Please share in the comments, I would love to hear from you. 

xoxo Rachel