The 80-20 principle is something that I teach all my clients and group and it is a super helpful tool to help you make healthier food choices. 

The 80-20 principal says that 80 percent of your food needs to be whole, fresh, nutritionally dense, good for you and good for your body, food that you consider to be the healthiest for you. 20 percent of your food can be foods that you really love and do not want to give up, food that you consider to be pleasurable and might not fall into the category of the healthiest food. 

Today I am going to ask you to eat something that you really really love that might not be the healthiest for you. YES! I am giving you permission, I am asking you to allow yourself to have that food. The truth is, we all eat those foods anyway. We all have foods that we love that might not be the healthiest and we eat them anyway. Instead of thinking about those foods as forbidden, instead of thinking them as “cheating”, which is a diet term that is not helpful, which makes you feel bad and want those foods even more, give yourself permission and make those foods legal and include them in the 20%.

Once you have that ratio, when 80% of your foods are the foods that are best for your body, and 20% of your foods are foods that you love and enjoy and might not be the healthiest for you, you are still going to eat foods that are mostly wonderful and great and nourishing and give your body the life and the health that you need. 

If you are suffering from guilt or eating in secret or trying not to eat something and then “failing” and feeling bad about it, legalize it, give yourself full permission to eat the foods that you love and use the 80-20 principal. 

I would love to hear from you. Which favorite food would you like to put in the 20% category?

xoxo Rachel