We all do it. We have all fallen back into an unhealthy habit. We ate a food that made us feel sick or we ate too much or we started exercising and them we stopped. Women can often go into the slippery slope of having a slip up, which is followed by regret, self-criticism, guilt and even self-punishment. All those reactions are not helpful and some of them can even be harmful. 

Think of living a healthy life as a journey with many detours. Adopt the attitude that it does not matter what you do or what happened, what matters is how you react to it and what you do next. 

I do not like the term slip-up and I encourage you not to use it, it is a term used by the diet industry and it is always accompanied by us feeling bad about ourselves. Instead think of it as a detour, you are going somewhere, your destination is a healthy and radiant life, you took a detour and then you can use the GPS of self-love and self-compassion to put you back in the direction of your destination of a healthy life. Reacting in a loving and compassionate way will always put you back into the right direction much faster and in a much more empowered way. 

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xoxo Rachel