The weather is getting colder and that means it is time to make changes in our food choices and how we prepare our foods.


It is important to make foods choices that are seasonal and local because it helps your body create harmony with nature and reach balance and that is when we thrives with radiant health. 

When you are out of sync with the cycle of the seasons you can experience feeling off, feeling out of balance, feeling heavy and fatigued, you can experience unhealthy cravings and it can compromise your immune system and even lead to illness. 

Here are 3 easy steps to adjust your food choices and food preparation to the fall season:

Step One – Transition to more cooked food
During the summer we eat a lot of raw foods like fresh produce and big salads. Now if the time to shift to foods that are warmer and cooked. 
~ Incorporate more steamed and roasted vegetables into your salad. 
~ Reduce the amounts of raw green smoothies and raw juices.
~ Drink nourishing broths like vegetable or bone broths. 

Step two – ’Tis the season for soups
During the summer we drink a lot of water because we crave it and it cools our body. As the weather gets colder, we don’t crave water as much and soups are a wonderful way to hydrate. 
~ Use seasonal vegetables to create vegetable soups.
~ Use leafy greens in your soups.
~ I like to use herbs as an ingredient, not a garnish so add lots of parsley or cilantro or dill.
~ Use legumes like lentils, chickpeas and beans.
~ Add grains to your soups.
~ Add animal protein to your soups. 
~ You can make a soup that is a full, balanced, one pot meal! 

Step three – Always listen to your body
We have an inner condition or inner season that can sometimes be different than the actual season. Sometime we need warming foods in the summer time or cooler foods when the weather is cold. Listen to your body and what it needs. 

Our monthly module in October at the women health circle is ‘Listen To Your Body.’ We will learn to listen to our body’s messages so we can create a loving communication and thriving health. We will also do a 7 day Fall Cleanse together. It includes meal plans and recipes and it is full of wonderful seasonal and healthy foods that will help your body stay healthy and strong as the seasons change. 

Please join us at the women health circle! 

xoxo Rachel