Do you think it’s “not nice” or “arrogant” to appreciate yourself? Learn why self appreciations are an important part of living a healthy and happy life in this week’s Self-Love Practice: Appreciating Yourself.

Video transcription:

Hello, Loves. This is Rachel Kieffer, of Health Nut Girl, helping women fall in love with a healthy life. In today’s Self-Love Practice, I want to talk about appreciating yourself. Before we continue, please subscribe to my youtube channel. Thank you.

We get the message it’s a bad thing to appreciate ourselves; like it’s not good to say good things about yourself. Sometimes we even get the messages it’s not good to say good and appreciative things to people directly. For example, there’s some cultures where it’s considered to be not a good thing to do. 

If you look at young children, and how they naturally talk about themselves, you will see they naturally appreciate themselves. They think they’re great. They think they’re very capable. They think they’re very smart. They constantly appreciate themselves and this is something we have been taught not to do. There’s a certain trend that gives credit to people who engage in self-deprecation. For example, people who self-criticize themselves as a way of being humorous, being funny, being humble, or being good. It’s actually a very damaging thing when you do that; even when you do it jokingly. You get the internal message there’s something not okay with you or something wrong with you.

Even though self-appreciation can be uncomfortable, and can feel uncomfortable, I want you to take a look at this practice and all the benefits you can get from it. Appreciating yourself gives you internal message you are your own best friend. That you’ve got yourself. You’ve got your back. You are your ally. That you are going to be there with yourself in a positive, appreciating, encouraging, and loving way. That is so, so important on your health journey. If you want to journey into greater health, into better health, you need to develop that skill of being your own best friend on the journey and not to sabotage yourself.

One of the ways to do it is by practicing self-appreciation. I’m going to give you an assignment today, as part of our self-love practice, and that is to write a list. Write a list of all the ways you appreciate yourself. Make sure these are things that appreciate you, who you are, and not just appreciations of things you do or things you do for others. Those are fine to include, but make sure you include things that reflect who you are as a person. Just appreciate you.  

Let us know what is one thing that you appreciate about yourself. I would love to hear it. I will see you at the next video. Don’t forget to subscribe. Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

xoxo Rachel