Your written words are a powerful tool of success. Learn 3 brilliant ways to use them to create a radiantly healthy life.


Words are very powerful. Your words are very powerful. They create your experience and your reality. Using your written words to create a healthy life is even more powerful. Intentional writing is a tool that is used by a lot of highly successful people. The most successful people use this tool to create their success. 

Let’s use this tool to think about the healthy life that you want. I will give you 3 different ways that you can use the written word to create a healthy life.

# 1 – Write Down Affirmations And Resistance
Write down your affirmation and write down what is the resistant thought that comes up after the affirmation. Continue to do that over and over again until the resistant though starts to lose its power. 

For example: if one of your goals is to make healthier food choices your affirmation can be “I choose the foods that love my body” or “I choose the foods that create health in my body”. Make your affirmation your own, write it in your own words. After you choose your affirmation, get a blank page and write your affirmation on then first line. And then listen to your mind, what is it saying to you? Is it saying to you “liar!”, “no”, “you just ate something unhealthy”, or whatever is coming up for you.

Affirmations have a way of bringing up the negative talk that usually sabotages you. By writing your affirmation and then writing down your negative though is a great way to unveil it, reveal it, shine a light on it and get rid of it. Just do that over and over again, after the response of the negative thought, write your affirmation again, and then whatever response you have and then write the affirmation again. Just continue to answer whatever the resistant thought is with the same affirmation. You will see that by the time you will get to the end of your page (fill up the whole page) the potency and the power of the negative self talk is going to start to dissipate. 

You can do this process every day, try it for a whole week, think about one healthy habit that you want to create and use this affirmation-resistance exercise to make that happen. 

#2 – “Healthy Me” Movie Script
Think of yourself as a writer or a script writer and that you are writing a movie and the movie topic is “healthy me”. Think about what would be the healthiest version of yourself and write a movie about it. Write about the life of “healthy me”, write about what “healthy me” loves to do, write about what “healthy me” wears, write about where “healthy me” goes, the healthy choices that “healthy me” is making, make it exciting, colorful, vivid, make it the life that you would really want to live and write it as a movie. When you do that, you are telling your mind that this is what you are creating. 

#3 – What My Inner Self Want Me To Know
Think about your inner self as the most loving and nurturing part of you and ask what it wants you to know. Take a page and write: “Dear Inner Self, what do you want me to know?” “What messages do you have for me?”

This process works best if you can create a quiet space, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, get connected to yourself, you can do a short meditation, and then allow the answers to come. Write down what your Inner most loving Self want you to know. Know that this Inner Self will never say anything that sounds like criticism or harshness, it won’t say anything it doesn’t like about you, it will just reflect to you how loved you are in so many different ways. Write down its messages. 

I would love to hear from you, which one of these 3 ways are you going to try? Share your experience after you tried it. 

xoxo Rachel