Hello Lovelies,

Many women have this fear when they start their journey to a healthier life-style, the fear that they are going to be deprived of the foods that they love.

I invite you to rethink that. If there is a food that you love ask yourself:

Does that food love me back?

Does this food give me the life that I want?
Does it give me the energy that I want?
Does it give me the nutrients that I need?
Is it doing good things for my body and my life?
Or is this food keeping me from actually having the life that I want?

The Real Deprivation

The real deprivation is not that you choose not to eat something that might be harmful for you and for your body. The real deprivation is that you are depriving yourself of having a healthy life, a vibrant life, being focused, having clarity, and having the joyful life that you want. Food affects us on all levels and in so many ways.

So remember to ask yourself, every time that you feel that you are going to be deprived of a food that you love:
Does this food love me back?
And don’t deprive yourself of the healthy life you long to create.