There is a wonderful trend happening now, a lot of people are into green drinks! I see more and more people post picture of their green juice on social media. But what is often called a juice, is actually NOT. If you made your juice in a blender like the Vitamix or the Nutribullet, then it is NOT A JUICE but a smoothie, or a shake.

Here is the difference:

• Is made in a juicer that has two compartments.
• It separates the vegetable/fruit into a pulp that goes into one compartment, and into juice that comes out into your drinking cup.
• You drink the juice.
• You discard the pulp, which contains most of the produce fiber.
*The pulp can be used to make delicious broths.

• Is made in a blender that has one container.
• It blends (or liquefies) the whole vegetable/fruit.
• You add some kind of liquid and/or ice to create a smooth drink
• You can also add powders, nuts, seeds and superfoods
• It is thicker than juice and includes all of the produce fiber.

Since smoothies are high in fiber, they make you feel fuller and can be a meal substitute, especially when you add protein rich ingredients. Since juices are more concentrated and contain more produce, they provide a higher dose of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I like to think of juices as a nutrient “bomb” and of smoothies as a nutrient “kiss”. I recommend to get “kissed” often and get “bombed” occasionally, especially when you feel run down and sick and need lots of nutrients.

I highly recommend to use a powerful blender that can break the walls of the plant’s cells and make all the nutrients available for your body to absorb easily.
My top recommendation is the VITAMIX,  it will serve you for a many years of healthy living.
If you absolutely cannot afford the Vitamix, the NutriBullet is a good second choice and much more affordable.
The Breville Juicer is an excellent choice that juices all fruits and vegetables including leafy greens.

If you have any questions about juices, smoothies, blenders, juicers and what’s right for you, please e-mail me at

xoxo Rachel