As a health coach, I often hear women say:

“I would love to change my eating habits but I’m not ready yet.”
“I lost my motivation to exercise.”
“I just don’t feel like taking care of myself.”

Does that sound like you?

The truth is that we all feel like that sometimes. I feel like that sometimes. Even the most motivated people experience moments of “I don’t feel like it”. But those feelings do not have to dictate your actions.

I know that many women feel like they are their worse saboteur when it comes to having a healthy life.

They wake up in the morning filled with good intentions and by the end of the day they are filled with regrets.

They say they long to feel energetic and radiant and wonder why they make unhealthy choices.

A few years ago a young woman who suffered from digestive problems came to see me for a consultation. I could see she really wanted to sign up for my 6 month program but kept saying “I want to do it, but maybe in a few months, I’m not ready yet.” And I told her: “don’t wait until you feel ready, do it now.” She did my program, healed her digestive issues, went on to study yoga and became a successful yoga teacher and a dear friend. She told me that what I said to her that day changes her life. That she was always waiting. Waiting to feel ready. Waiting for when the time was right. Waiting for the moment that never came. Making the decision to stop waiting until it feels right and to act anyway, made it possible for her to pursue her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. 

Think about the things that really matter to you in different areas of your life:


Make a ‘want’ list of all the things you would like to have.

For example:
I want to wake up each morning full of energy.
I want to feel good about my body.
I want to go to Italy for a dream vacation.
I want to spend more time with my girlfriends.
I want my home to be a sanctuary of peace and harmony.

This want list is important. It is your heart speaking to you and telling you what you need to make your life happy, joyful, healthy. It is your road map to your dreams. Listen to your heart. Don’t worry about being realistic, allow your wants to be expressed. Make that list.

And then decide to take action. It does not have to be big, it just have to move you in the direction of your dreams.

For example:
Going to the farmers market to buy colorful vegetables.
Putting a post it on your mirror with “I love my body” message.
Looking at travel sights and gathering information about a vacation in Italy.
Calling a friend you haven’t seen in a while.
Starting to get rid of clutter by cleaning out one drawer.

Do it even if you don’t feel like it.
Do it because that’s what you really long for.

Those little actions will melt your resistance, fuel your motivation, bring a sparkle to your eyes and make your heart expand with joy.

Look at that list often and keep taking small steps in each area.

Just like my yogi friend, stop waiting until you feel ready
Stop waiting for the right moment
That moment that may never come.
You are ready.
Your life is calling you to live it.
It’s time to answer.



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