Soul Sister,

If you only knew
How beautiful you are
You would be amazed
And dazzled by the radiance
Of your light and beauty

There are a gazillion industries
That give you the message
A gazillion times a day
That you are not beautiful
And that you are not good enough
They feed of your insecurities
So you will buy their products
But as much money as you spend
You still never feel “fixed” enough
And constantly look for
The next thing and the next

But they lie
You do not need fixing
You are no ugly duckling
Never was
Never ever

Your beauty transcends
Fashion dictates
And any oppressive notions based on
Color, race, ethnicity, body size or body shape

You are beautiful because you are a woman
And all women are beautiful
Your body is to be celebrated
And showered with love and care
Your heart is to be cherished
Let it blossom and open
Your spirit is meant to soar
And light up the whole world

No, you are no ugly duckling
You are a swan
Majestic and magnificent
Graceful and mighty
And always
Breathtakingly beautiful



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