We live in a world that looks at growing older as something undesirable.
Women hate admitting how old they are.
We feel less attractive after we pass a certain age.
The phrase “Forty Is The New Twenty” reflects our longing to staying and looking younger.

Some of this longing is based on wrong internalized messages we got, that older women are not beautiful and valuable, and that needs to be challenged and changed. We are amazing at every stage of our lives!

Some of this longing is understandable.
We associate getting older with getting less active and developing health conditions like arthritis, dementia and diabetes, and we see an elderly population that is reflecting that.

But growing old and sick and limited is not a human default.
In fact, our bodies have an incredible and miraculous capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate beyond our wildest dreams. The picture of growing older that we see is the reflection of our choices, not something we are destined for. And we can reverse that by making rejuvenating choices.

I believe that we can live A LOT longer and healthier than we think.

The following 7 practices that will help you grow younger, and to create and maintain optimal health at any age:

1. Eat leafy green vegetables every day.
The darker, the better.
Leafy greens, especially the dark leafy greens, are loaded with good for us nutrients like vitamins and minerals. They are also high in antioxidants that help our bodies fight and prevent disease and infections. And they are high in chlorophyll which is essential for our bones, muscles, blood and colon health.

2. Practice yoga daily.
Yoga keeps the body supple and flexible, it deeply heals the organs and cells and it calms the nervous systems. It is one of the best activities you can do to keep your body rejuvenated and young.
Even just a few poses a day will be beneficial.
I practice what I like to call “yoga tidbits” on days that I don’t have time to do a full yoga class. 2-3 poses in the morning, before bed and anytime during the day.

3. Avoid aging substances.
Stay away from foods and substances that degenerate our bodies like cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and refined, processed foods.
Foods that contain white flour-white sugar are especially depleting.
Choose whole and natural foods.

4. Learn something new.
A new language.
New computer skills.
A creative craft.
A new sport.
Learning something that you did not know before teaches your brain to stay functioning and thinking in creative ways.
It will help keep brain cells renewed and will keep brain degeneration away. You are never too old to learn something new.

5. Community.
The Blue Zones are areas on the planets where large populations have been living into their 90s and 100s in great health. There have been many studies to learn their secrets and one of the things all those populations have in common is that they live with a strong sense of community and connection to each other. Having people around you that love and support you is vital to your well being. Especially if it’s a community that shares your goal of healthy living. Look for groups, congregations, clubs and activities that help you connect to other people that will support your vision.

6. Live joyfully.
Worry and depression can wreak havoc on our mind and body. If you find that your life is devoid of joy, start examining it and make joy a priority.
Ask yourself:
What makes me happy?
What feeds my heart and soul?
And take steps to bring those things into your life.
Get help if you need to from a friend, a support group or a professional.

7. Stay in a positive conversation.
We are all bombarded with information. TV news. Newspapers. Magazines. E-mails. Social media. There is information coming at us non stop from all directions. And a lot of it is negative and shows us a grim picture of the world. And while it is important to know what is going on, the world is also filled with beauty and miracles and we often do not notice it. Take time every day to stay connected to something positive and life affirming.

There are many wonderful teachers out there, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, to name a few. Read their work. Listen to their talks on YouTube. Make sure that you balance out some of the negativity that is constantly coming your way with some powerful positive messages.

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Let’s embrace growing younger!



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