Hi Beautiful Souls,

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For many years I believed that happiness is something that happens to you. Maybe some people were born happy. Maybe some days you just happen to be happy. But it did not feel like something I had any control over and definitely not like something I can choose.

As a recovering compulsive and binge eater I had similar thoughts and feelings about food and health. Some people just seemed to be “lucky”, they had no food issues, weight issues or problems in general. Some days just happen to be good food days. But most days were “food hell” and it seemed like I had no control over the food monsters that took over.

They say that you teach what you need to learn and I went through an incredible healing journey through the decades of working with thousands of amazing women and I continue to learn and grow and always will.

Here are 3 lessons I learned:

1. Every woman I know has food and body issues to some degree. Those issues are not a personal defect but a result of societal conditions and oppressions. We live in a world that gives us messages that we, as we are, are not good enough, putting us in perpetual war with ourselves and our bodies. It’s not your fault and it’s not personal. Realizing that empowers you to take charge of your life and figure out ways to contradict the messages of oppression.

2. The biggest and most important step you can take towards a happier and healthier life is to learn to love yourself, no matter what. Love yourself now. Love yourself before you change. Love yourself in spite of and because of everything you want to change about yourself. Love yourself completely and fiercely. That self love will lead you to making loving changes. Start where you are. Ask yourself: “What would a self loving woman do in this situation?”, “What would be the most loving action I could take?” and “If I really loved myself, what would I do?”

3. You always have a choice. It is ok if you don’t always remember that. It is ok if you get lost in darkness. It is ok if you feel broken. How you react to that is your choice. Put your arms around yourself and give yourself a tender hug. Come back to yourself over and over again, a hundred times, a thousand times, a million times. Make one loving choice, it will light up the darkness. Make one healthy choice even if you had the unhealthiest day, month or decade. And make another. Those choices are accumulative and indestructible. They will blaze the way to creating the life you want. Every time you remember, choose health. Choose life. Choose love. Choose happiness.

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