Hello beautiful woman,

I know you. Maybe not personally. Maybe not every detail about you. But I know you.
I know that you are generous and giving.
I know that you are caring and compassionate.
I know that you are nurturing and do so much for others.
I know that you think well of others, whether they are family, friends, colleagues and even strangers.

You are amazing.
You are wonderful.
You are a great friend.
You will do anything for the people you care about.

But there is something else I know.
I learned it because it is true for me and for every woman I have met and worked with, no matter where she comes from.

You are NOT that way when it comes to your relationship with YOU!

You reserve the harshest words for yourself.
You get mad at yourself.
You feel bad when you are less than perfect.
Your compassion for other far surpasses your compassion for yourself.

So, lets change that.

In my experience, if you do not apply all your amazing qualities to your most important relationship, the one with yourself, any positive changes you will try to make will be short lived. You cannot create a positive experience with self-criticism, harshness and by feeling bad about who you are.

So next time you β€œcatch” yourself in the slippery slope of feeling less than, gently remind yourself of who you really are and apply it to YOU.
Be generous and giving with YOU.
Be caring and compassionate with YOU.
Be nurturing and do so much for YOU.
Think well of YOU.
Be a great friend to YOU.

How will your life be different if you really treated yourself as your most precious friend?

xoxo Rachel