Do you find yourself in the following scenario?
You get up in the morning thinking today I will:
Start my day with yoga
Use my juicer to make an energizing drink
Go to the park after work
Read that health book I purchased
Or whatever your version is
Of attending to your health goals and dreams

But then you grab the phone
Sit in front of the computer
Check your e-mails
Go on Facebook
Get busy
Get distracted
Get pulled in different directions
Watch TV
And before you know it
The day is gone
And you did’t take care of the most important thing of all

There is a difference between wishful thinking and creating powerful intentions and I would like to invite you to explore that.

Wishes think about what you don’t have, they come from a place of lack and we often don’t believe that our wishes can come true or we wait for something from outside of us to change and make them happen.

Intentions recognize that everything we need to manifest our deepest desires is present and within us and they usually include a vivid picture of what our lives will look and feel like when we make it happen.

The most important thing is to make your intention clear and positive. Don’t think about what you don’t want
Think about what you do want; 
See it
Feel it
Taste it
Smell it
The more real it is in your mind, the faster it will show up in your life.

The following 5 ways will make practicing your intentions powerful and joyful.

Write Them Down
Create a vision of your desired life and health in words. Describe in length and great detail what your life will look like when you live at your healthiest.

What will you do, where will you be, what choices will you make, how will you look, what will you wear. The more details the better.

Say Them In Front Of The Mirror
Pick a positive statement that reflects the outcome that you desire.
For example:
“It is easy for me to make healthy choices.”
“I am filled with energy for everything I need to do.”
“My body is strong, healthy and beautiful. I love my body!”

Look into your eyes and say it out loud as if it is already happening. It might feel strange or fake at first, but the more you do it the more it will become real.

Post Your Intentions Online
Find an online group that shares your goals and visions and write down weekly or daily intentions there. The feedback, cheering and accountability will infuse your intention with group power.

Light A Candle
Make intention time a sacred time. As you write or speak your intentions, light a candle and send them into the universe. Make a request of the universe to manifest your intentions or something even better.

Reflect On Them During Meditation
If you have a meditation practice, your intentions are the perfect way to go into that practice. Think about what you want to materialize in your life, see a picture of it in your mind and let go of it knowing that your meditation will create a space where anything is possible.

You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams and you can create the life and the health you long for. Let the practice of intention open the gate to show you what’s possible.



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