Hello Lovely People,

A new year brings with it a sense of
It is a great opportunity to take a look at your life
And make a change
Or two
Or a 100

Instead of making general new year resolutions
That don’t “stick” and fizzle after a month or two
Why don’t you make a list
Of all the things you want to do
In 2015

Think about different areas of your life
And write specific things
The more specific
The better

It does not matter where you start
If it has been really hard for you to commit to exercise and being active
Start by making changes in the area of food
Or by practicing positive thinking
Or by reading inspiring books

When you make positive changes in ANY area of your life
It will create a snow ball affect 
And will spill over to other areas

Make your list personal
Make it speak to your heart
Include big things and small
Choose things that bring you a smile
That sound like fun
Don’t worry if it feels silly
It’s your list
Write it
Do it
Check it off
And make your 2015
Shine and sparkle!

Here are some examples
Feel free to use them
Add to them
Change them
Use them for inspiration

Try a new vegetable
Bake with stevia instead of sugar
Have a vegetarian day
Buy herbal teas in different flavors
Make a green smoothie
Cook a whole grain for breakfast
Make bean chili in the slow cooker
Have a baked apple for dessert
Circle healthy take out choices on menus
Sign up for nutrition and health consultations

Take a dance class
Go bowling
Sign up for Gaiam TV and try their yoga classes
Do wall push ups
Lift weights while watching TV
Go for an evening walk after dinner
Look up chair exercises online to do during work
Do a back twist in bed before getting up
Try running in the park, even for a minute
Buy new and cute exercise outfit
Schedule a massage
Get a pedi-mani
Try acupuncture
Soak in a hot bath
Give yourself a foot rub
Schedule a dentist visit
Try a new body work like Feldenkrais or Craniosacral
Get a facial
Visit a herbalist

Take a nap
Buy an eye mask
Burn incense
Listen to classical music
Learn to chant
Mist lavender on your pillow
Listen to guided relaxation audio
Breathe slowly and deeply
Take a restorative yoga class
Go to sleep early

Color in a coloring book
Take a singing class
Learn to play an instrument
Finger paint
Make jewelry
Visit a museum
Join a book club
Have a movie date with yourself
Have a karaoke night with your friends
Take a flower arranging class

Join a spiritual study group
Read A Course In Miracles
Write letters to God
Pray from your heart
Watch “You Can Heal Your Life:The Movie”
Practice being in the present moment
Look at your challenges as lessons, not problems
Look at every person as a loved child of the universe
Write inspiring words and messages and post them everywhere

Put fresh flowers on your desk
Write with colorful pens
Smile at a co-worker
Take breaks! To walk, stretch, connect. It will make you more productive
Write down all the things you love about your job
Volunteer at an animal shelter
Start a blog about something your passionate about
Take a class about financial planning
Hire a business coach
Sell your art/craft on Etsy

Find a high-school friend on FB and reconnect
Have a lunch date with a girlfriend
Have a family meeting and have each member say what they like/appreciate about each other
Plan a date night with your spouse
Look for a group to join on meetup.com
Send cards to relatives just to say “thinking about you”
Have a card night with friends
Give a pot luck dinner party
Learn to listen without judgement
Have “special time” with your child, let them be in charge and follow their lead

Spend 15 minutes organizing
Donate all the clothes that don’t fit you NOW
Buy a new house plant
Clean and shine your kitchen sink
Organize your pots and pans and create a beautiful “cooking station”
Put beautiful art on your walls
Paint an old chair in a bright color
Have a “house blessing” party, where everyone spends 15 minutes cleaning to music
Hang wind chimes in your entrance
Read a feng shui book

Draw a heart with arrow, write your name on both sides
Download Louise Hay Affirmations Meditations app, free
Give yourself a hug
Read anything by SARK
Draw a picture of yourself as a goddess
Look in the mirror and say out loud: “I love you!”
Refuse to criticize yourself, ever!
Buy an engraved heart with your name
Write yourself a valentine card and mail it to yourself
Repeat this affirmation: “I am a beloved child of the universe and I deserve to be fully loved by all and especially by me.”

Wishing you an amazing start for a wonderful 2015!!!



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