Reset Your Life For Your Healthiest Year EVER!!

The past two years have been challenging for the entire world and many women are realizing that taking care of their health is more important than ever. In this rapidly changing world we are spending more time at home, feeling more stress and anxiety, experiencing fatigue like never before and craving connections with like minded women who can inspire and uplift us.

This workshop is the perfect solution. You are invited join us for three days where we will reset 3 areas of your life to help you create your healthiest life.

Day One

Reset Your Environment

You will learn how to create an environment that will support a healthy life and will make healthy choices a no brainer.

Day Two

Reset Your Food Choices

You will focus on easy ways to have better eating habits, reduce unhealthy cravings and deal with food triggers.

Day Three

Reset Your Mindset

You will practice a powerful ritual that will help shift you from resistance to success.


January 18, 19 and 20

How is it delivered?

I will email you a daily video to watch during the day.

How much does it cost?

This workshop is absolutely FREE! It is my new year gift to you.

What results can I expect?

❤️ Less struggle
❤️ Less resistance
❤️ Less unhealthy cravings
❤️ Less food triggers
❤️ Less fatigue
❤️ Less anxiety

❤️ More healthy food choices
❤️ More excitement
❤️ More motivation
❤️ More inspiration
❤️ More energy
❤️ More positivity

 Want to make the workshop even more powerful? Invite your friends to join so you can support each other!

Reset Your Life For Your Healthiest Year EVER!!

Rachel Kieffer

Holistic Health Coach

Certified by The Institute For Integrative Nutrition And The American Association of Drugless Practitioners