A Cleanse For All Seasons

The only cleanse you will ever need.

Hello Beautiful Heart,

If you are like most women you have failed at dieting.

CONGRATULATIONS* and welcome to the real world.

*I will reveal why I congratulate you soon.

Every diet program that shows a “success story” will add the declaimer: “results not typical”.


Because diets don’t work.

The Cleanse For All Seasons To End All Diets

We all heard that diets don’t work, we all know it and yet we go on the next diet in search for…

Our hopes and dreams!

We hope that diets will magically transform us and give us “the answer”. That we will finally stop struggling. That we will finally feel good about ourselves. That we will finally love the way we look. That we will finally be healthy and happy.

But here is the truth about why diets don’t work:

~ They focus on weight loss first. Prioritizing weight loss results (and faster = “better”) often comes at the expanse of our health.
~ Diet programs put us in the position of fighting our body instead of friending it.
~ They give us the message that we need to be controlled and tricked instead of trusted.
~ They emphasize what we need to eliminate, avoid and reduce instead of what we need to bring in.
~ Most diets have a built in failure, after all they are a money making industries that rely on returning customers.
~ Diets make us feel “bad” and like it’s our fault we “failed” because we didn’t follow them perfectly.
~ They make us feel like we have a problem and they are the solution.
~ Many diets smartened up and say they are a lifestyle, not a diet, but they still operate like one.
~ Almost everyone that loses weight on a diet gains it back.

Here is where I reveal why I congratulate you for failing at dieting: they are impossible to stay on for a sustainable amount of time. It is your healthy instincts and healthy nature that make THEM the failure. You have succeeded in not following the unhealthy attitudes, messages and practices of diets. So CONGRATULATIONS again.

The benefits of adjusting our practices and food choices to be in harmony with nature and the seasons:

  • They will work with our body, not against it.
  • They will feel more effortless and natural.
  • They will strengthen our immune system.
  • They will heal our digestion.
  • They will reduce and prevent seasonal allergies.
  • They will reduce and prevents seasonal colds.
  • They will make you feel more alive and vibrant.
  • They will give you more energy.
  • You will feel in harmony with yourself.
  • You will feel in harmony with your body.
  • You will feel in harmony with nature and your environment.
  • You will have less resistance to making changes.
  • You will have less unhealthy cravings.
All the cleanses that I have seen on the market are designed as Spring cleanses. They are too “cleansing” and not nourishing enough during other seasons.

Think about it, eating raw salads and drinking fresh juices and frozen smoothies in January does not work with our body. During the cold months we need foods that are warming and nourishing. Trying to do a spring cleanse during other seasons will not make us feel good. We will feel resistance to following it because it goes against what are bodies need during that particular season.

The cleanse for all seasons will give you the exact food choices, preparation methods and health practices that are in harmony with each season. It will be natural and easy to follow and your body will thrive.

Imagine the following…

You wake up every day with a calm and abundant energy and you are looking forward to your day with excitement.

You walk through your life with a feeling of radiant well being.

You feel an increased joy bubbling out from your heart and spilling into every area of your life.

You say goodbye to unhealthy cravings and look forward to enjoying healthy meals.

You end your battle with food and with your body and learn to care for yourself with love.

You feel every cell, every organ and every part of your body humming with health and vitality.

Addictions start to fall away.

Cravings start to change.

An awakening happens.

You start to feel more alive.

Your health and your world start to shift.

What would it feel like to have that?

Can a cleanse really do all that?

You Bet!

Here’s why!

Reason # 1 The cleanse and your mental health

Our digestive system is responsible to processing food and delivering nutrients to our body AND it is closely connected to our brain, in fact, they were both formed from the same tissue and our gut is often referred to as our “second brain”. Recent evidence shows how our digestive health is connected to our mental health.

This cleanse focuses on healing your digestion and as a result prevents and improves mental and brain related illnesses.

Reason # 2 The cleanse and your emotional health

Processed, refined and high sugary food messes our blood sugar level. It spikes it up to dangerous levels to be followed by a crush. This roller coaster of blood sugar ups and downs has a direct affect on our emotions. When our blood sugar level is high we feel a very momentary false euphoric high and when we crash we feel cranky, confused, irritated, depressed and fogy. Unbalanced blood sugar level also weakens our will power so resisting sugar is hard if not impossible.

This cleanse gets you off that roller coaster by focusing on foods and practices that help balance your blood sugar level, reducing your cravings for refined and processed foods and balancing your mood and emotions.

Reason # 3 The cleanse and your energetic health

Eating packaged and chemical laced foods make us tired and can cause chronic fatigue and other chronic conditions that make it hard for us to function.

This cleanse gives you lot of energy. In fact, it is the #1 result everyone notices shortly after starting the cleanse.

Reason # 4 The cleanse and your physical health

Our modern food is very low in nutrients and very high in addictive additives, both causing us to eat more than we need. We have become a society of overeating and starving women.

The cleanse is full of foods that are nutritionally dense so you feel satisfied and nourished from the inside.

Valued at $247, now for only $55. 

In a society that defines health as a lack of illness many of us have come to accept certain conditions as normal:

~ Feeling tired
~ Feeling listless
~ Craving sugar and processed foods
~ Feeling heavy
~ Being constipated
~ Having allergies
~ Not feeling motivated to take care of ourselves
~ Having skin problems
~ Having weak/dry/thinning hair
~ Slowing down as we age
~ Feeling slightly (or majorly) depressed

All those conditions and many others are a sign of being out of balance.

You don’t have to have a debilitating condition or a life threatening illness to be unhealthy.

Thank you for a fantastic experience!

I loved all the food and I love the fact that you gradually recommended changes from day to day, rather than all at once. It didn’t make me feel suddenly deprived of everything I normally eat. You made it so easy by providing daily meal suggestion and by including in the program. Restaurants were easy because I could order something within the guidelines for that day. My favorite part of the cleanse was trying new foods I wouldn’t normally have eaten. While I’m an adventurous eater, there were still a few things I’d never had – or made myself. I also loved the way I felt after eating nourishing & healthy for a week! I learned to make “scrambled eggs” with tofu & turmeric….and loved it! I have substituted egg whites for real eggs before, but it never occurred to me to use tofu. This is a great alternative.

My digestion has been sluggish my entire life. I was finally diagnosed with Gastroparesis when I was in my 40’s. I battle constipation daily & often rely on special diet and prescription laxatives. Since trying the cleanse, I not only started having regular bowel movements daily, but sometimes multiple times a day. This is a significant improvement because I could often go an entire week without movement! My stomach was flatter and I had no pressure or painful bloat during the time I was following the cleanse.

I also felt more energetic and mentally clear.

I will be keeping the recipes on hand to incorporate into regular meals. I plan to do the cleanse at least 2-3 times a year.

Hugs. XO

Tae Lynn From Oaks, PA USA

Author of “Color The World With Kindness” and “Green Smoothies To The Rescue”

You don’t have to settle for this narrow and limited definition of health.

Yet so many of us do not know what it’s like to experience radiant health that makes you feel like your whole body and your whole being is singing a song of gratitude for life itself.

The Cleanse For All Season Proven Results:

Increasing energy
Repairing and healing the digestive system
Reducing and eliminating unhealthy cravings
Improving sleep
Reducing allergies
Increasing focus
Improving skin, nail and hair condition
Feeling physically, mentally and emotionally lighter
Getting rid of accumulated toxins
Improving mood
Restoring radiance and well being

This cleanse will make you feel new and sparkly inside and out.

You get SO MUCH goodness with this cleanse:

~ A structured seasonal guide of how to follow the cleanse for each season
~ Simple and easy to follow instructions for each day of the cleanse
~ A list of food recommendations for every day of the cleanse
~ Suggested recipes for each day and each season
~ All the recipes are easy to make, quick and most importantly, delicious
~ Includes healthy desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth
~ Plenty of food to eat – you will not be hungry
~ Daily practices and rituals that will stay with you long after the cleanse is done
~ Email support while you are on the cleanse

All for an insanely affordable price!

Valued at $247, now for only $55. 

Who this cleanse helps:

This cleanse is for you if you:

Need to develop healthier eating habits
Have food addictions/compulsions
Need to create more balance of body-mind health
Eat relatively healthy but still feel blah
Suffer from digestive issues
Have a chronic health condition
Feel tired and would like to have more energy
Go through physical changes as you age
Feel heavy and constipated

This cleanse is not complicated yet it is powerful and will give you glowing results!

How to use this cleanse

A cleanse is not something you do once. It is built into a healthy routine to be followed regularly. Many religions and spiritual traditions have cleanses (like meat free days) and fasting built into their practices at different times of the year.

How I personally use this cleanse:

I follow the full 7 days once every season.
Some seasons I might do it for longer that 7 days.
I also follow it for 1-3 days monthly.
It helps me energize and reset my healthy practices.

How my clients follow it:

I recommend to do the whole 7 days once a season.
I recommend to do the whole 7 days if you strayed away from your healthy habits, have digestive problems or need to built up your energy and strength.
I recommend to do it for 1-3 days once a month.
Because this cleanse is gentle and gradual, it is safe to follow it as often as you need.

This cleanse is your home-base. Repeat it whenever you need a reset.

There is no wrong way of doing the cleanse.

~ The more you follow it, the more you will get out of it.
~ Do what YOU can and as much as YOU can.
~ Feel free to create a shorter version of this cleanse anytime.
~ You can do a 3 day cleanse.
~ You can even do a one day cleanse.
~ It is easy to follow and anyone can do it.

I will be happy to provide you with email support while you are on the cleanse.

Please feel free to email me any questions you have to contact [at] healthnutgirl [dot] com

Thanks for the 7 day cleanse, it was a real breakthrough!
I love that it was pretty straight forward and that even at restaurant, there are many options. Drinking lots of water, eating more vegetables, going to the beach to read and being on a media fast combined with non processed food has made a real dent in my mindset. I feel really good.
Thank you
Adele Lins From West Hills, CA USA

Retired Nurse

I enjoyed doing the cleanse because it gave me a guide to cut out some bad habits in a gentle way leaving me feeling great.

I’m blown away by the progress I’ve made.

I now make it a part of my practice.

Amy Backlas From Houston, Texas USA

Business Manager

I like the cleanse a lot!

I feel clearer in my thinking. This cleanse has been a real eye opener. I am starting to see that some of the foods I was eating were causing health issues. I am also more aware of the negative thoughts and feelings I have pushed down with food.

Thanks for!

Fruma Montrose From Chicago, IL USA

,,Many cleanses on the market charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Some include products that cost even more. The Cleanse for All Seasons is yours for a ridiculously low price.


This cleanse used to be part of my private clients’ program that cost a few thousand dollars. As I realized how helpful it is to everyone who is trying to improve their health, I started offering it as a private group program for a few hundred dollars. As an online self-implemented program, I am able to offer it at a fraction of the price so it can reach so many more women. It is my intention to help as many women as I can reclaim their health and their right to live a radiant and joyful life.

This cleanse is structured like no other cleanse in the market. You only have to buy it once and you can follow it over and over again with great results.

The cost of this cleanse is $55.

The health benefits are priceless.

Your money will go to a good cause.

Besides being a health coach and a mama, I am a big animal lover and 10% of my total income goes to a no kill animal shelter. Every purchase of this cleanse will help care for for these wonderful animals.

Valued at $247, now for only $55.

Who am I and what I do?

Short version:

My name is Rachel Kieffer and I am a certified holistic nutrition and health coach. I have been working with women for over 35 years, helping them create a healthy life with private consultations, group coaching, workshops and programs. I am a best selling author of 2 collaborative books ‘Unleash Your Inner Magnificence’ and ‘365 To Connect With Your Soul’, I write extensively on my blog, for Aspire magazine and for Elements For A Healthier Life magazine. I am a frequent guest speaker in podcasts, health summits and radio shows. My goal is to guide every woman I work with to heal her relationship with food, with her body, with herself and fall in love with a healthy life.

Long version:

My journey to food and health started when I was 10 years old and decided to become a vegetarian. It wasn’t a decision based on health, it was based on animal love. My mom started cooking more vegetarian dishes for me and for everyone in the family and through that learned about healthier eating. When I was in high school my parents opened 2 health food stores in our hometown in Israel and I worked there every day after school. As clients asked me for recommendations for their many health issues I learned how to connect the foods they were eating, how they were living and what they were missing to give them the right recommendations. We also had a clinic in the store where different holistic practitioners worked for one day a week and I learned a lot from collaborating with them. I became the health expert among my family, friends and townsfolk.

While I was helping everyone with their health problems I was struggling with my own issues of body image, relationship with food and taking care of myself. My relationship with my body and food got worse during my 20s and I started to develop patterns of compulsive eating and binging. My journey of recovery included many aspects that I combine in my work; nutritional understanding and guidance that I got as a student of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, support groups that I participated in and led and spiritual practices that helped me heal my wounded self.

I have studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for 3 years and got my certificate as a holistic nutrition and health coach. After my graduation I worked there on staff for a few years, coaching their students, seeing private clients and teaching group cooking classes. While working there I started my own private practice and since worked with thousands of women with 1:1 consultation programs, group coaching programs and online programs. I absolutely love seeing women transform their relationship with themselves, prioritize their health and learn to thrive and shine with radiance. It is my life’s work to teach the message of self-love, self-care and health and to reach as many women as I can.

I live in New York City with my musician husband Izzy, son Gavriel, a dog named Teddy, a cat named Chance and 2 parakeets named Katia and Wendy who we found out later were males but decided to keep their girlie names.

I LOVED your approach and the cleanse very, very much. I also LOVE your recipes. This weekend we will be cooking FALAFEL and the Apple Cinnabon Muffins again.

My favorite part was that the cleanse was simple to follow, affordable, adaptable (I am vegetarian going on vegan), and easy to do. I also loved how the morning warm lemonade and green smoothie turned into a little ritual. Taking a time out instead of rushing ahead in my day.

The recommendations inspired me and I was so relieved to not be confronted with yet another ‘expensive’ detox plan that would require me to get all these ‘exotic health foods’.

I found that I spent no more money than I usually spend on buying processed foods. WOW! What an eye opener. I actually only planned and shopped for three days and it ended up being so much that I improvised a little and used all of what was bought. Stretching it to 6 days.

Within 1 day I felt my digestion improve. I was actually able to “go” 2-3 times a day. And I was no longer bloated. I felt energized by all the goodness of wholefoods. I really could feel the difference coming from eating a lot of processed food.

I did have a withdrawal headache the first day that took me by surprise and showed me just how much processed food I had been eating. I drank more water the second day and it dissipated.

I love that I can now turn to this cleanse on a regular basis and get into the habit of taking care of me. I really love everything about it!

(You can read my blog about Nadia’s journey with the cleanse here: http://healthnutgirl.com/nadias-story/)

Nadia Shana Krauss From Albany, GA USA

Owner of Happy Wholesome Life

The best way to get the most glowing results from the Cleanse:

  • Ditch the all or nothing attitude
  • Do as much as you can
  • Take a day or two to read it first and prepare
  • Decide which recommendations you will follow (you don’t have to do it all)
  • Choose a beginning and end date
  • Choose the meals you will make
  • Go shopping so you are well stocked and have everything you need
  • Just start
  • It is ok if you don’t do it perfectly
  • Just start
  • Do as much as you can
  • Every recommendation you follow makes a difference

Valued at $247, now for only $55.

Your body is waiting for you, longingly and patiently to take good care of it.

When you do this cleanse your body will thank you with:

  • More energy
  • Better digestion
  • Better sleep
  • More focus
  • Better memory
  • Better elimination
  • Healthier weight
  • More alertness
  • Healthier hair
  • Healthier skin
  • Healthier nails
  • More calmness
  • More joy
  • More lightness
  • Better mood
  • Less cravings
  • Less allergies
Thank you! I am loving this cleanse!

What is really wonderful is that I didn’t tell my 11 year old daughter I was doing it and have given her the meals too and..she is ‘wolfing them down’. I am so happy about this!

Only concern is the garlic breath!!!

Really loving it!

Karen Packwood

Author of “365 Ways To connect With Your Soul” and “Superwoman Myths”

I found the cleanse extremely easy to follow and was amazed at the amount of food. Whenever I think of a cleanse, I think of a lot of juicing and not much solid food.

I loved the morning and evening ritual of the hot towel scrub. What a great way to start and end the day!

I was less bloated, my digestion was much better, I eliminated more than once a day, I was not hungry and I was not craving anything sugary or sweet!

At the end of cleanse I got on the scale and was 10 lbs lighter! I actually moved the scale a couple of times because I thought it was a mistake!

I am following the basic principles of the cleanse – having more whole grains, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruit.

Thank you for creating a cleanse that actually involves real food.

Rosemarie Berke From New York City, NY USA

What makes this cleanse different than other cleanses?

It’s gradual.

Most cleanses are too extreme. They ask you to follow all the recommendations from day one and throughout the cleanse. When you make changes that are too drastic too fast, it will be harder to follow and you will experience very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms like headaches, muscle pain and fatigue.
This cleanse is gradual. You start day one with a few changes, you add a few more each day and you also gradually faze out of the cleanse. At the end of the cleanse you can choose what want to incorporate into your future health practice.

It’s seasonal.

Most cleanses are designed as Spring cleanses, making them harder to follow and not appropriate for other seasons. When you follow a cleanse that is not designed to be in harmony with the seasons your body will not feel good following it and you will feel resistance to incorporating the recommendations.

This cleanse is in harmony with nature and therefore in harmony with your body. By focusing on changes that are appropriate for each season it will be effortless to follow and your body will feel in harmony and ease with the recommendations.

It’s easy.

Many cleanses are complicated to follow and require you to have special equipment and buy special powders and products. When it gets too complicated, time consuming and costly, you are less likely to follow it.

This cleanse focuses on practices you can easily do at home and foods you can easily find at your local market. The meals are delicious, fast, simple and easy to make.

It’s adjustable.

Many cleanses have strict rules and can be rigid. They require you to follow all their steps and present a “one fit all” set of recommendations. When the cleanse is not flexible it might not meet your specific and current needs.
This cleanse asks you to ditch the “all or nothing” attitude and follow it as best you can at the moment. If one of the recommendations is too hard for you to follow, don’t do it, focus on what you CAN do. It gives you options whether you are vegan, vegetarian or eat animal proteins. It gives you the option to follow the meal plans and recipes when you want to or prepare your own meals from the daily food list.

It comes with support from me.

Most cleanses leave you to follow them on your own. When you have questions or need support, you have no one to turn to.

This cleanse comes with e-mail support for as long as you are on the cleanse. If you feel overwhelmed, have any questions or specific needs, I am here for you. Email me anytime to support [at] healthnutgirl [dot] com

It includes plenty of really delicious foods.

Many cleanses focus on fasting, juicing and very limited food choices and quantities. When you don’t have enough to eat, you will be hungry, irritated, tired and most likely quit.
This cleanse will keep you happy and keep your tummy happy. It includes 3 daily meals that are filling, satisfying and delicious. It even includes treats and sweets that are made with good for you ingredients. You will not go hungry. I promise.

This cleanse is designed as a 7 day program but it is easily adjusted.

You can follow it for 10 days.
You can follow it for 21 days.
You can follow it for 3 days.
You can even do it for one day.

If you would like me to adjust the duration of the cleanse for you, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to do it. You can e-mail me at contact [at] healthnutgirl [dot] com

Valued at $247, now for only $55.

My promise to you as you follow this cleanse:

You will not starve!

You will be able to do it!

It is not hard or complicated!

You can email me your questions!

I am happy to adjust the Cleanse to your specific needs!

You will see results!

Let’s talk poop. Okay, you can feel embarrassed and take a giggle break. You’re back? Great! Here is the gist: our bowl movement is a huge indication of our digestive and overall health. How many times a day do you eliminate? For some, constipation can be a real issue and they do not eliminate daily. Others eliminate daily. But ideally you would eliminate after every meal. YES, after every meal that you eat you would have a bowl movement when everything is functioning and working properly. Not there? You’re not alone, most people aren’t. This cleanse will help you get there. One of the important benefits that my cleanse participant report is more frequent elimination.
Every one of my clients that did the cleanse reported glowing positive results!!!

Here is what some of them say:
“Easy and pleasant to follow”
“I enjoyed looking after my body”
“My skin was noticeably clearer”
“I had more energy”
“I lost 7 lbs”
“The recipes are very tasty”
“I felt full and satisfied”
“I have continued to practice the nourishing rituals after the cleanse was over”
“The rituals were such a luxurious and sweet treat”
“The recipes were easy and I didn’t spend hours in the kitchen”
“I felt clearer and happier”
“I love how easy and gentle the cleanse is”
“The cleanse was a real breakthrough”
“I felt clear headed”
“I was less bloated”
“I love that it’s no pressure, just do what you can”
“I was amazed at the amount of food”
“I lost 10 lbs”
“I eliminated more than once a day”
“I was not hungry”
“I was not craving sweets”
“I didn’t feel deprived”
“I loved all the recipes”
“Eating out was easier, I just followed the daily food list”
“I loved the way I felt after eating nourishing and healthy foods”
“I was chronically constipated and since the cleanse I have regular bowl movement several times a day”
“My stomach was flatter and my bloat was gone”
“I plan to do this cleanse every season”
“I would highly recommend it”
“I loved it”

This cleanse works for every level of health!

If you’re eating lots of processed foods…
If you’re eating lots of sugar…
If you have major food addictions and compulsions…
If your eating goes back and forth between whole foods and processed foods…
If you think you are eating healthy but not sure…
If you suspect that you have food sensitivities…
If your tried and true diet stopped working…
If you feel sleepy after meals…
If you need to fine tune your food choices…
This cleanse will bring you back to balance and help you identify and highlight what foods work best for you.

Your health affects every aspect of your life.

When my clients change the way the eat they often see positive changes in their:

Relationship with food
Relationship with their bodies
Relationship with themselves
Relationships with family and friends
Work and career
Level of happiness and joy
Level of creativity
Level of productivity
Level of fun
Everything gets better when you feel radiant, clear, energized and happy.

The cost of this cleanse is only $55.
The health benefits are priceless.


Valued at $247, now for only $55.

Thank you for the cleanse.

I found that it was a nice easy, gentle cleanse, especially liked the hot sponging. As a busy mother my showers are always quick so this forced me to slow down, take my time and I loved it!

I’ve always been an early to bed kinda girl so was certainly happy to keep this up!!

Eliminating grains and gluten from my body made me feel SO clear headed and way less bloated so I won’t be reintroducing them.

I think this cleanse is a nice, easy quick cleanse that anyone can do. I love how it’s no pressure, just do what you can!

Claire Mcauliffe

Life Coach

I want to share that I have done many cleanses. What I love about your cleanse is that it was easy to follow and I didn’t end up having to spend hours in the kitchen which has been the case with many other cleanses.

The recipes were easy and yummy and I feel so much clearer and happier.

I particularly loved the addition of the hot towel scrub. I found this to be such a luxurious and sweet treat for myself each day.

I would highly recommend this cleanse for anyone!

Anita Kaiser From Hamilton, Ontario CA

Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

~ Why a seasonal cleanse? What if I want to eat a summer recipe in the winter? Or crave more hearty food in the summer?

Eating foods that are seasonal, local, whole and fresh is one of the best ways to nourish your body. Seasonal foods harmonize the body with nature and with the environment. When you eat seasonally you will feel more energized, more relaxed, stronger and better.

But please remember that this cleanse is flexible and so are the recommendations and recipes. You do not have to follow them 100%. If you crave a crisp salad in the winter, have it! If you crave a hearty chili in the summer, have it! As long as you follow most of the recommendations, it is ok to make exceptions.

It is also important to understand that your body has internal conditions. It might need to feel cooler even if the weather is cold or it might need to get warmer even if the weather is warm. Listen to your body’s signals and needs and follow them as best you can with the seasonal recommendations as a general guide.

~ How often can I do this cleanse?

I recommend to do the cleanse once a season. I and many of my clients and the women in my health groups do. I also recommend to do a shorter version of it, 1-3 days, once a month.

~ Will I lose weight following the cleanse?

Very likely. However, the purpose of this cleanse is not to lose weight but to cleanse, repair and nourish your digestive system, to identify and change eating patterns that no longer serve you and create new and nurturing ways to eat and live. The only way to achieve a healthy and permanent weight loss is by transforming your eating habits and lifestyle.

~ I am vegan, will the cleanse work for me?

Yes. This cleanse does not follow any dietary agenda. You can follow it and modify it as needed to fit your food preferences. So whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant, keep kosher or follow any other dietary system, you can do this cleanse. In the food recommendation and recipes I always include a few options, including a vegan option, to fit a variety of needs. Feel free to modify them even more to make it work for you.

~ Is it a liquid only cleanse?

No. This cleanse includes plenty of food. You will not starve. It emphasizes foods that will naturally support your digestive system and help your body cleanse, get rid of toxins, rejuvenate and heal.

~ Do I have to know how to cook?

Every day you will be given a list of foods to focus on and suggested meals and recipes. It is easy to follow and anybody can do it. It is best if you prepare your own food but you can also eat out and get prepared foods.

~ I am a compulsive overeater/emotional eater/binge eater, how will this cleanse affect me?

This cleanse is a wonderful and gentle opportunity to start transforming your relationship with food. It will clearly show you how certain addictive foods are affecting you and help you start breaking the bonds that those foods have over you.

Let your experience be your guide. If you are not ready to give up a certain food, that is ok, continue with the rest of the cleanse. If 7 days are too long, that is ok, do 3 days, or 1, or start with a cleansing meal. You can go back to this cleanse a few weeks later and do a little more.

There is no wrong way of doing this cleanse and anything is better than nothing. I highly recommend to get plenty of support and not embark on a health journey alone. Please contact me to schedule a consultation and/or join one of my women health groups.

~ Does this cleanse address food sensitivities?

This cleanse gradually moves you away from foods that many of us are sensitive to and towards foods that your body digests well. If you want to take a closer look at your food sensitivities I recommend to schedule a private consultation and/or join one of my women health groups.

~ Is the cleanse sugar free? Grain free? Gluten free?

I do recommend to get off refined sugar for the entire cleanse and use it as an opportunity to avoid it or at least reduce it afterwards. The cleanse includes healthier and more natural sugars that you can use in moderation. If you feel ready for more you can certainly avoid those as well. The recipes include a variety of natural sweets and treats that you can choose from.

This cleanse is not gluten free or grain free, it includes a variety of whole grains and grain products. I do recommend to focus more on whole grains and less on processed grain products. You can easily follow the cleanse with a gluten free version by focusing on gluten-free and/or higher protein grains like quinoa, buckwheat, millet, teff, amaranth and gluten free oats.

~ What if I want to follow the cleanse for a shorter or a longer time?

This cleanse is designed as a 7 day cleanse but you can follow it for 5 days, 3 days or even one day. You can follow it for 10, 14 or 21 days. Just make sure to follow the gradual progression of the cleanse and do not stay on day 4 for more than one day without a health coach’s personal guidance.

So for example, if you want to do the cleanse for 5 days follow day 1, day 2, day 3, day 6 and day 7. If you want to follow the cleanse for 10 days follow day 1, day 2, day 3, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 5, day 6, day 6, day 7.

Please feel free to contact me if you need me to structure it for you.

~ Should I eat smaller more frequent meals or bigger less frequent meals? Should I have snacks?

The menu plan is structured as a 3 meal plan but you don’t have to follow it that way. You might find that at different seasons your preferences change. I often prefer to eat a bigger lunch and a lighter dinner, so feel free to switch meals around.

I find that when I am following my hunger signals and when my body is happy and balanced I tend to eat 2 meals a day and sometimes have a snack.

Listen to your body and follow your own hunger signals. This cleanse will help you to do that.

~ I do not have time to prepare smoothies and juices in the morning. Can I make them anytime?

Absolutely. The daily recommendations are flexible, so make and drink your smoothies and juices any time of the day. You can also prepare them the night before and drink them in the morning. Do it in whatever way it works for you.

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I found the 7 day cleanse very easy and pleasant to follow. The recipes are clearly written and very tasty, and I enjoyed making the time to consciously look after my body and health.

I felt full and satisfied throughout the week, and my skin was noticeably clearer. I had more energy throughout the day and even lost 7lbs!

I particularly liked trying some new recipes and inventing my own based on the recommended food lists, and doing the hot towel scrub which was a new experience for me but one that I have continued since the cleanse finished. I have found that I now make more green smoothies and have continued to enjoy some of the recipes outside of doing the cleanse.

Thank you!

Elaine Maugham From Whitley Bay, UK

Spiritual Coach

I was extremely lethargic and unwell, unable to get out of my chair and in a lot of pain (I am in need of hip replacement). I have gained a lot of weight and did not have the willpower to stop my sugar binges.

After looking at your website, I decided to try the cleanse. Within two days I started to feel a lot better. We had a fire drill at my school and I was able to walk with my class. And guess what! I forgot my cane!

After one week I lost weight and felt my energy returning.

Bless the day that I found your cleanse. I would recommend it to everyone.

Marilyn Levy From New York City, NY USA