How many times have you tried to lose weight?
Become more active?
Adopt healthier habits?For so many people, transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is a life long struggle.
We go on the next diet, thinking this will be IT.
We join the gym, determined to slim and tone.
We make a plan.
We follow the plan.
For a while.
And then…
Something happens.
And we are back where we started.
Looking for the next thing that will help us change for good.
For the next magic formula that will save us.

The bad news is that there is no magic.
To create the body and life that you want, you have to make changes, many changes, and continue to make them always.
The good news is, that those changes can be joyful, enjoyable and a pleasure to make.

What makes is so difficult, is that what motivates us to change is usually a negative perception of ourselves.
And when we perceive ourselves negatively, when this is at the core of our belief, our energy and focus will continue to manifest and attract the negative.

We want to lose weight because we don’t like the way our body looks.
We often use negative words to describe ourselves.
When we get dressed in the morning, we hate the way clothes fit us.
When we overeat we hate the way we feel.
When we indulge our cravings, we feel guilty.
We can’t stand to look at ourselves in the mirror.
We feel upset, disgusted, depressed, hopeless, defeated, and that is what drives us to look for the next solution.

We take all those feelings and perceptions with us.

Even when we make changes, and start feeling better, and start seeing results, we still have all those negative feelings.
“It’s not enough.”
“I still have far to go.”
“It wouldn’t last.”
Are things that I hear very often.

We program ourselves to be displeased.

And then we are surprised when we create more things to be displeased about.

If we want to create a body and a life that we like, we need to start focusing on what we like about ourselves.

Before we change!
Before we lose the weight!
Right now.


One of the best ways to do it is to practice gratitude.
Take an empty notebook or journal.
And write down 5 things you are grateful for.
In any area of your life.
It could be things like:
I am grateful for having a house to live in.
I am grateful for my children.
I am grateful for this beautiful sunny day.
I am grateful for having a job.
I am grateful for the plants in  my garden.

And then write down 5 things about your body you are grateful for.
It could be things like:
I am grateful that my legs carry me where I want to go.
I am grateful that my digestion is working well.
I am grateful for my beautiful hair.
I am grateful that my heart is beating.
I am grateful for my sparkling eyes.

Do this daily.

Keep your journal next to your bed and write in it before you go to sleep, or as you wake up in the morning.

Start focusing on the many blessings in your life.
Start appreciating your body for all the things it is doing for you.

Instead of trying to lose weight because you don’t like your body, start looking for ways to GAIN health, vitality and energy as a way of caring for your body, because you love and appreciate it.

It will create a totally new and powerful experience for you.



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