Hi Lovelies,

As we work on creating a healthy life
And a healthy body
We focus on making changes
In our food choices
We make commitments to exercise more
And in my previous post I talked about
The importance of changing our thinking
I would like to expend on that

It does not matter what we call it
Or what religious beliefs we have
Or don’t
We all believe in something
Inner beliefs are deeply rooted
We don’t always know that we have them
We are often unaware of them
But they are the foundation of our lives
They are at the core of what you believe
You are
And what you are worth
And what you deserve

This is where our conscious thoughts are
The chatter and conversation in our mind
That we are aware of
The things we SAY
Silently or out loud

Is the physical result
And manifestation
Of your mind
And of your belief system

To try and change the physical
Without looking at the mind-spirit connection
Will only give us temporary results

Because the body is a manifestation
If you don’t look at and change your core beliefs
If you don’t practice thinking differently
You will continue to manifest
The same thing

Many women come to me with the goal of losing weight
It is something that they want with all their hearts
They have tried diet after diet
For years
They long to wear a smaller size
They long to look in the mirror and feel pleased and proud

When they talk I hear
Self hatred
Self loathing
Many of them call themselves names
They would NEVER call anyone else

And I so understand
Having struggled with the same issues for most of my adult life
And being on a healing journey that is always
Uplifting and sometimes frustrating
I have figured out many things
And I am still learning and growing
Every day

And I wanted to share the following thoughts with you:

Spirit is WHO YOU ARE
it is your connection to your divine nature
It is where you know the truth about who you are
And sometimes that connection gets severed
Usually by early and continued trauma
Or by messages that you are less then
But you can ALWAYS reconnect to it
And the truth is that you are:

Can you imagine HOW you would live your life if you KNEW this was true?
Always knew?

You can get connected to this place of truth by spiritual practices
Like Prayer
Or Meditation

Or you can use the following exercise to connect
To your inner guide
The part of you that knows who you really are

Get a journal and a pen and sit comfortably
Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes
Now ask your inner guide to show up
Ask it to tell you what you need to hear
Sit silently for a moment
Open your eyes and start writing
Let the pen and your inner guide dictate the words
You will be surprised by what can come up
I have experienced and seen some amazing messages
And realizations
That surface when you ask with an open heart

You can do this exercise often
especially when you feel stress or are facing a challenge
Just ask your inner guide:
What can you tell me?
What do I need to know?
Please guide me so I can find peace, love, health, success, a solution.

Your thoughts are very powerful
They drive your actions
They reflect all the messages you got
Especially early in your life
They can reflect SPIRIT if they are loving
But often they reflect your

I don’t know about you
But I have a whole committee of inner critics
Living in my head
And for many years
They stopped me from having the life I wanted

Some of my committee members are
the discourager
That says
“What’s the use of trying, it won’t make a difference.”

The procrastinator
That says
“I’m too tired/busy/distracted
I will do it later.”

The perfectionist
That says
“It’s not good enough.”

And the list goes on and on

One of the more powerful ways to deal with inner critics
Is to realize that THEY ARE NOT YOU!
To see them as separate from yourself
And to tell them, thank you for sharing
But I am too busy to listen to you
I am creating a wonderful life

BODY is what you created with your thoughts and belief system
Going back to the example of the woman that wants to lose weight
If she keeps thinking
“I am fat”
“I am disgusting”
“I can’t stand the way I look”
Any changes she will make in her behavior

If she starts telling herself
“I am healthy”
“I am the perfect weight”
“I take good care of my body”
But in her core she feels undeserving
Those new positive thoughts

It is addressing all three levels
That will help us create and CONTINUE TO CREATE
a better and healthier life

I would love to hear what you think
What has worked for you
What are some of your triumphs and challenges
Please share them in the comments below

And remember:
you are:


Please share.