What is your worst habit?
The one you have been trying
To change unsuccessfully for years?
Or maybe changed for a little while
Only to see it coming back with a vengeance?

Habits seem to “stick” to us
Sometimes they seem like part of our fiber

We say things like:
“I am a chocoholic”
“I am not a morning person”
“I can’t exercise at home”
“I need food in volume”
And we believe it
And we think that this is who we are
When in fact it is a habit we developed

For many of us
Those habits were developed early
And were the best ways
That we could figure out
To cope with difficult situations

But now they have become the difficult situations

Unhealthy habits keep us from living our lives
With energy
And joy

They make us feel
Angry at ourselves

They feel impossible to change
Because they are habits
And as such we do them
Without thinking
Without awareness

Have you heard the phrase
“It takes 32 repetitions to create new habits”?
As if only stick with something new 32 times
And it will become a new habit
Just as strong and deeply rooted
As your old unhealthy habit
But somehow
It does not seem to work
Many people go back to their old habits
After months
And sometimes years
Of making changes


By creating rituals

Rituals are different than habits
They are conscious choices
We do them with intent
And with a purpose
They are not automatic
But a choice that we make every day
Based on our hearts and souls desires
They address deep needs
That the habits are trying to fill unsuccessfully

A Guide To Creating Transformative Rituals:

~Name them!
Give them a name that will inspire you
And make you feel like you
Can’t wait to do it

~Engage your senses
Make sure that they engage your sense
Of touch, smell, hearing, taste

~Make them pleasurable
If you don’t enjoy it
You won’t do it!

~Make them sacred
By connecting them to your spirit’s
Deepest needs and desires

~Take your time
Do them slowly
Think of your intentions
And that you are creating
A healthier you
A life filled with self care and joy

Here are some examples
Use them as inspiration
Look at the habits you want to change
At the reason behind them
And create your own rituals
Ones that speak to your heart and soul

Unhealthy habit:
You are a night time snacker
You like to eat at night to relax
And unwind from the stress of the day

New ritual:
Call it: “Goddess Moon”
Light a candle
Play some meditation music
Slowly massage lavender oil on your hands and feet
On your shoulders
Taking your time on areas that feel tense
Breathe deeply
Mentally repeat
“I love my body”

Unhealthy habit:
You drink coffee as soon as you wake up
Because you wake up tired and need an energy boost

New Ritual:
Call it: “The Spring Of Life”
Get out of bed
Put your hands on your heart
And take a few deep breathes
Reach your hands up and stretch
Up, back, sides
Make a cleansing morning drink
Lemon juice, honey, ginger, hot water
Sip it slowly
While singing “here comes the sun”

Unhealthy habit:
Candy bar at 3:00
You feel lethargic
And need a sugar pick me up

New Ritual:
Call it: “Royal High Tea”
Prepare an energizing herbal tea
Like ginger or mint
Serve it with a sliced piece of fruit
A few almonds
And a rice cake with all fruit jam
In your most beautiful dishes
Play your favorite song
Pretend you are wearing a crown
(Or wear a paper one)
And enjoy your healthy afternoon tea


Your life was meant to be lived
With joy and enjoyment!
And a healthy and vibrant life
Is so much more enjoyable!



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