Apple cider vinegar is made from apple cider that has been fermented. Like many fermented foods it is high in beneficial bacteria that aids digestion. It is important to use organic, unfiltered vinegar that contains the “mother”, the murky, stringy substance in the bottom of the vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar contains potassium, magnesium and other minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It has endless uses, nutritionally, cosmetically, environmentally, it is even good for your pets!

Drink It

Dissolve 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in one glass of warm water, you can add a teaspoon of honey and sip slowly.

It helps to:
~Detoxify your liver
~Improves your digestion
~Alkalize your body
~Prevent inflammation
~Regulate your blood sugar levels
~Promote healthy bones

Use It On Your Skin And Hair

~Apple cider vinegar helps your skin achieve a healthy pH, fade age spots and heal acne. Use it instead of toner by diluting it with two parts water and apply to cleansed skin morning and evening with cotton ball.

~Mix one tablespoon of vinegar with 2 cups of water and use this solution as a hair rinse after shampooing. Your hair will grow shiny and thick.

~Add one cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath water for soothing relief from sunburn and deodorizing affect.

Around The House

Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and two cups of water. Use this solution to clean your toilette and bathroom surfaces, oven, stove top and kitchen surfaces, windows and mirrors. Your house will be shiny and smell apple fresh!

For Your Pets

Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle as a flea repellant and odor deodorizer. Spray directly on your pet’s coat and rub into the skin. Spray around pet’s sleeping area. Repeat for a few days if necessary.

This wonderful multipurpose product is a must have in every house. So head over to the health food store and stock up.



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