Hi Beautiful Soul,

We live in a world of instant!
We want things that don’t take time and that are ready NOW.
Technology is constantly working on developing gadgets that make our tasks shorter and faster.
And the food industry is following with minute rice, microwaveable meals and ready to eat processed and packaged foods.
The irony is, that in spite of all our time saving products, we feel more and more time poor.

And we are paying the price.
We feel less connected to our environment, nature, other people and ourselves.
It’s hard for us to listen to our bodies and hear what they need.
We are paying with our health.
Chronic conditions like autoimmune disease, allergies, diabetes, depression and digestive issues are constantly growing.

We have become a society that caters to our illnesses instead of looking to heal them.

Today, I want to invite you to return to the most powerful and healing practices that many of us don’t take the time with any longer:


So many of us got into the habit of “being too busy”.
“I don’t have time to cook” is something that I hear often in my practice.
We snack, we grab, we eat out, we get take out, we buy prepared foods and microwaveable meals.

Your kitchen is a haven of healing.
Prioritize it!
Make time every day to prepare meals for yourself.

It will provide you with the best nutrients, reconnect you to your body and deeply nourish your heart and soul.
It will be the most important thing you ever do for your health.

Start by keeping a ‘time journal’.
Look at what you are spending time on every day.
Then cut something out, and schedule time for meal prepping.
Don’t do things that are less important, spend less time online or watching tv, and delegate some responsibilities to others.

Organize and beautify your kitchen. Make it a space that is a pleasure to be in. Schedule time weekly for food shopping and meal planning, write it in your calendar. And spend time daily preparing meals. It does not have to take long. Here are some suggestions for making it doable, simple, fun and quick.


~ Cook extra! It is ok to eat the same meal for a couple of days, or freeze for later use.
~ Make soup. Soups can be a one bowl meal by combining vegetables, grains and proteins like chicken or beans. And they freeze well, so make a big batch.
~ When you have extra time, like on the weekend, wash and slice fruits and vegetables for easy snacks and preparations.
~ Make salads for a few days in single serve containers like mason jars. Add dressing before you eat.
~ Have time savings kitchen gadgets, like a slow cooker, a good blender and a food processor.

The best money I ever spent was on my Vitamix blender, I use it every single day. I make green smoothies, soups, nut milks, nut butters and so much more. It makes sure I get high nutrient foods even on the busiest days. Check it out here.

Invest in yourself
You are that important
And you are worth the
It takes to create
A beautiful radiant life.