We all do it. Even me. Even the biggest health authorities.

We all have those days where we eat too much, or eat foods that make us feel sick, or lose control and eat foods that throw us off balance.

Maybe it is an overindulgent holiday meal. Maybe we get caught up in food addictions and compulsions and binge. Maybe we have a trigger food that once we eat it, we go on a downward spiral.

In my binge days I used to get up the next morning feeling like I was hit by a truck. It would take me days to recover and get back to a healthy eating routine. Now, when I overindulge, I tend to feel bloated and sluggish but with a few practices and rituals I can quickly return to my healthy routine the next day.

Here are the steps that I take and coach my clients to follow.

It’s Not How You Act, It’s How You React

Like I said, we all do it so don’t beat yourself up. If you get stuck in the shame and blame game you will have a harder time focusing on making healthy choices. What is important is not what happened but what you do next. Make a decision to make your next food choices healthier.

The 80% – 20% Guideline

Allow yourself to have unhealthy foods. Yes. You heard me. It is important that you allow yourself to have the unhealthy foods you like. Whether it is ice cream, pizza, cake or chips, put unhealthy food in it’s place by giving it 20% of your total consumption. As long as 80% of your food choices are whole, natural and high in nutrients, you’re doing great. So count you unhealthy indulgent as the allowed 20% and balance it out with lots of healthy choices.

Lose The Diet Mentality

“Oh no, I can’t believe I ate so much! Tomorrow I diet (or starve).” The diet mentality is punishing. It tells you you have been bad and that you need to pay the price. It also tells you that you are “on track” or “off track”. None of it is helpful. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t skip meals. If you choose to eat lightly the day after an indulgence do it because your body is craving a light meal, not as a punishment.

Have A Healthy Breakfast

A wholesome breakfast will set the tone for a healthy day. When you start your day with foods that help stabilize your blood sugar and give you lots of nutrients you will have less cravings and feel more energized. Sit down quietly and ask your body what it craves. A high protein breakfast? Grains and vegetables? A light fruit? To get healthy breakfast ideas and recipes download my free breakfast guide Start Your Day In A Healthy Way at www.healthnutgirl.com

Break The Ties Of Addiction And Compulsion

If you binge often, can’t control your food compulsions or are triggered by certain foods, don’t despair. You can overcome it. I did. Food compulsions can feel very devastating and isolating so reach out for support. Many of my programs can help you through those issues. My 7 Day Cleanse is a gentle and gradual program that will help you focus on foods that heal and will seriously reduce your cravings for addictive foods. My consultation programs will give you massive support where you need it. Reach out, e-mail me, I can help.

Take Gentle Action

Give yourself a break from obsessing about food and get active in a gentle way. Practice deep breathing. Do some gentle yoga. Go for a walk outside. Getting physical helps you to step away from food literally and mentally and focus on making your body feel better by increasing movement, energy and circulation.

Load Up On Veggies
Vegetables are always your best friends but especially after you ate foods that makes your body feel sluggish. They are light and energizing and make your cells happy! Have a big salad, make a large batch of vegetable soup, make a colorful stir-fry. Get those good-for-you superstars into your system.

Speak Gently

Just like you would comfort and console a child who has fallen and got hurt, please speak to yourself in gentle and comforting ways. If you feel angry at yourself for eating compulsively or call yourself names you will not be motivated to make healthier choices. Say something like: “oh honey, sorry you are not feeling so great.” Give yourself a mental hug. Promise yourself you will learn to be your own best friend on your health journey.

Magic Food 1

Lemons! Lemon juice in warm water is wonderful the day after an indulgence. It will help cleanse your digestive system and give it relief. It will help alkalize your body and get rid of acidity. And lemons are great at dissolving and flushing out excess fats. Drink lots of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon throughout the day.

Magic Food 2

Leeks! In her book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” Mireille Guiliano writes about the secret of french women: leek soup. Leeks are from the onion and garlic family and have tremendous health benefits but they are especially good when you’re feeling bloated and weighed down. They are natural diuretic and help rid your body of excess water retention. Leeks are mild in flavor and get soft and sweet as they cook.

Try this delicious leek soup:
Get 3-4 leeks, wash them well, make sure to wash between the leaves, there is a lot of soil hidden in the layers. Cut out the dark green part and save it for making broth. Slice the White and light green part.
Heat up a teaspoon of coconut oil, add the chopped leeks and sauté for a few minutes
Add salt and pepper to taste and cover with plenty of water
Cook until the leeks are soft about 20 minutes
Add chopped fresh parsley and a dash of lemon juice

Do you have a favorite way to get back into a healthy groove? I would love to hear it in the comments below.

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