Hello loves,

The end of summer is my favorite season to shop at farmers markets, the sights, colors, smells and flavors are amazing. It is produce heaven at it’s most glorious. I love seeing the varieties of tomatoes; heirloom, roma, cherry, vine, plum and beefsteak in different sizes and colors. When I was a child we used to bite into ripe summer tomatoes like apples and let the juice run down our chin. Oh, heaven!

Summer tomatoes are bursting with flavor and loaded with nutrients. They are great for improving digestion, preventing heart disease and fighting cancer, among many other health benefits. They play well with herbs and taste wonderful raw, roasted or cooked.

I love making this simple Summer Tomatoes Salad often, it is good on it’s own or served on top of crispy lettuce or peppery arugula, Add feta cheese and olives and you’ve got an upgraded greek salad!

Please share a favorite tomato recipe in the comments below.

xoxo Rachel