Soups are yummy
A cup of soup on a cold winter day
Is warming and comforting
And soups have a very important role
In keeping us healthy
They warm our digestive system
And keep it working well
They help us feel full
And ward off hunger
They boost our immune system
They can be adjusted to any season
They can be hearty or light
They can be made into a one meal dish
And can be packed with nutrients

According to Chinese medicine
When you cook foods in liquids
You increase their energy and vitality
So soup is a very strengthening food

You can cook soups in a slow cooker
You can puree them to make them creamy
You can add crunchy topping
And add chewy ingredients
Soups can have different layers and textures

Homemade soups are best
And they are easy to make
Here are some steps
To take your soups
From good to spectacular

*** Saute First
Sautéing intensifies the flavor of the ingredients
Infusing the soup with great taste
You can sauté in a little olive oil
Or in 1-2 tablespoons of broth
For about 5 minutes
Use one or more of the following

*** Add spices and dry herbs
To the sauté mixture
And sauté for another
Couple of minutes
To continue intensifying the flavor
My favorites are
Smoked paprika
Cumin seeds
Curry mixes

*** Add vegetables
Especially root vegetables
And vegetables that take longer to cook
Chop them up and sauté them
For a couple of minutes
You can use ANY vegetables you like
Carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squashes, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, daikon, sweet peas, corn, cabbage, ANY vegetables!

*** Add broth instead of water
Another big flavor enhancer
You can make your own  homemade broth
Or you can buy it at the store
I highly recommend to buy
Good quality organic broth
The difference will be amazing

*** You can add grains to your soup
To make it more filling and nutritious
I usually add ½ a cup of whole grains
Brown rice
Are my favorites

*** Add protein to make your soup into a one pot meal
Any beans, soaked or cooked
Or you can use canned beans
Lentils cook very quickly
Add chicken or meat
Again, organic makes a big difference
In quality and flavor

*** Add green leafy vegetables
And quick cooking vegetables in the last 7-10 minutes
Like kale
String beans

*** Add zing!
Finish off your soup with a splash of flavor
That will make it really pop
This important step
Is practiced by top chefs
So don’t skip it
You can try:
A splash of lemon juice
A splash of lime juice
A splash of toasted sesame oil
A splash of vinegar
A splash of hot sauce

*** Add garnish
This goes on your plate when you serve the soup
You can add crunch
With toasted pumpkin seeds
Strips of toasted nori
Crumbles corn chips
And an explosion of flavor
With chopped fresh herbs
Like cilantro

And viola!
You’ve become a soup master!
Happy cooking!!!