Darling Heart

I know you want to change
The fact that you are reading this
Means that you are looking for ways to improve
Your health
Your eating habits
How you relate to yourself

And that is great!

But often that seems to feel
Like you are not happy
With the way you are
With who you are
And you are plagued with ideas
Of who you are supposed to be
And should be

But dear dear heart
Please consider the following

You are not flawed
You are not damaged
When you want to change
Because you do not meet
Someone else’s standard
Start asking
Who says???
Who says I have to look
A certain way?
Who says I am not good enough
Just the way I am?
Maybe it’s the standards
That are flawed
And not me?

Change needs to come
From within you
Because you love
And cherish yourself so much
And know that your body
And your spirit
Will thrive and soar
If you make those changes

But NEVER because you are flawed
Because you are not
You are as beautiful
As a rose
As a sunset
As the magnificent soul
That is within you

And any change
That will come from this empowered
And self loving place
Will be amazing and lasting and incredibly healing

Please remember
What a gem you are



Please share.