One of the frequent questions I get from my clients is: ‘Should I avoid gluten?

It’s a subject that a lot of people are confused about.

Wheat today is not the same as it used to be. We, as humans on this planet have been eating wheat for many many years without a lot of problems and all of a sudden it seems that the world has gotten gluten free.

One of the reasons is that the wheat of today has changed, it’s very different than what it used to be, it’s a lot less digestible and that is why it’s giving a lot of people digestive problems.

Another reason is that wheat is refined, we don’t eat it in the same form that we used to eat it before, when people used to take the grain, ground it and made baked goods with it. Now we buy wheat that has been refined, all the good nutrients has been taken out of it, it has been bleached and gone through chemical processing. That is what most of us get in most of the wheat products that we eat.

The third thing is that wheat is everywhere in almost everything, so we’re over consuming it and eating a lot more of it than we used to.  


Those three reasons combined, the fact that we over consume it, the fact that it’s highly refined and the fact that it’s different kind of wheat than what it used to be are creating a lot of wheat sensitivities to people.

Signs that you have wheat sensitivities:

• Digestive discomfort
• You feel bloated
• You feel sleepy
• You feel fatigue
• You feel foggy
• You experience inflammation
• Aches in your joints

If you have Celiac disease you have to completely stay away from gluten. 

Otherwise, try one of the following:
~ eat it less often, don’t eat it every single day
~ read labels make sure that it’s not in all the different products that you buy
~ eat sprouted wheat products like sprouted wheat bread and make sure it’s whole grain bread
~ use other grains, have quinoa pasta or brown rice pasta
~ make baked goods with spelt flour instead of whole wheat flour, spelt is lower in gluten and is a lot more digestible


Try one of the above suggestions if you feel that you are sensitive to wheat and see if they work better for you.

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