Hello Dearest Beautiful Women,

2015 is knocking at the door and many of us are thinking about what we want for the new year. Lists of goals and resolutions are starting to form in our minds. New hopes and new possibilities start to rise.

Making healthy changes is not exclusive to January 1st, it is something we can do any day of the year, with every decision we make. However, we can use the energy of the new year to shift in a very powerful way.

An often ignored but necessary step is looking at, celebrating and releasing the current year. If we don’t take this step first, we will just sweep the departing year under the carpet, and those unlooked at patterns and obstacles will keep popping up and get in the way of our new hopes and dreams.

I invite you to create a ceremony that will guide you to:

~ Appreciate all the things you have done in 2014
~  See all the important lesson 2014 taught you
~  Shine light on all the patterns that no longer work for you
~  Become clear and empowered to bring forth your best year yet

As you go through this ceremony remember to be extra extra gentle with yourself. You have done the best you can. You are constantly learning and growing. A small change made with tenderness and love is more transforming than big changes made with harshness and self-criticism. You deserve to be your own best friend and biggest cheerleader in this process.

This ceremony includes a lot of writing, and a symbolic release act. Dedicate a few hours to doing it, think, reflect, write from your heart and soul, the deeper you go, the more benefits you will get. You might want to get a new journal for this.


Think about and list EVERY healthy change you made this year. Every effort, every try, every act, every result, every big or small thing.

After you finish your list, write yourself a thank you letter and express your appreciation to yourself. Put it in an envelope and mail it to yourself!


What important lessons have you learned in 2014? That includes what foods, activities, attitudes, thoughts, connections, practices, structures and rituals, in the areas of body, mind and spirit have worked and did not work for you.

What are you willing to change?
What have you learned about yourself?



Think about what you are willing to let go of.
What habits no longer work for you?
What patterns get in your way of living life fully?
What behaviors prevent you from having the radiant health you deserve?

List them all.
Then pick the top 3, the ones that would make the biggest difference.

Imagine those patterns dead and gone and write each one a eulogy.
Thank them for the valuable lessons they taught you.
Thank them for being your companion and providing you comfort.
Tell them how they got in your way and why you have to let them go.

Take the eulogies and either put them in a box and bury them, or cremate/burn them (practice fire safety please!), releasing those patterns from ever coming back.

Then write down in great detail and length what your life will look like without them.

Now you are ready for 2015. In the next weeks I will share many steps to creating a shining and healthy year.