Freedom From Sugar Addiction Workshop

The 7 step system that helped thousands of women become free of sugar addiction and reclaim their health and their lives.

This is judgment-free zone. I want these tools to be available and accessible to all women. I am pricing them on a ‘pay what you can’ scale.

If you absolutely cannot pay, there is a $0 price option.
If you can only pay for yourself, there is a $15 option.
If you are able to, please pay for yourself and support someone else who needs help by paying – $30.

By paying more you are making it possible for me to continue to offer these workshops as a ‘pay what you can’ to women in need.


Step 1:  Complete and submit the registration details below and CLICK ON “SUBMIT INFORMATION”.
Step 2:  AFTER you receive Thank You message for the submission, select the payment option button (under the form) you are paying.

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You will also receive a ‘Good For You’ Treats and Sweets recipes pdf as a bonus gift. 

IMPORTANT: Once the transaction is complete, click on the button at the bottom of the PayPal confirmation page to return to this website. You’ll be redirected to a unique webpage with the workshop information and access to the workshop.

Rachel Kieffer

Holistic Health Coach

Certified by The Institute For Integrative Nutrition And The American Association of Drugless Practitioners