You are unhappy with the state of your health. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you’ve been feeling tired and listless. Maybe you are suffering from a chronic health condition. You do some research and you find a wonderful health plan. You hear great things about it, it has raving reviews from dedicated followers. You are all ready and pumped to jump in!

You start…

On day one, you are motivated a committed. After one weeks you feel wonderful and sing the praises of your new plan. A couple of more weeks go by. You start to waver. You think, one small slip up will be ok, but it leads to another, and another, and before you know it, all you want to do is eat the foods the plan tells you not to, stop following the plan’s recommendations and break free of the restraints and limitations of your plan.

Sounds familiar?

The above description, in many different versions, happen to many women. Why can’t we stick with our healthy routines? Why do we start with all the motivation in the world and then fizzle? What is wrong with us?

The answer is: NOTHING! Nothing is wrong with us.

Many of us have a healthy rebel inside. A little girl who likes to think for herself and not take orders from anyone. But sometimes, because of restrictions, social conditioning and wrong information we start rebelling against things that are good for us and against what we actually, really, truly want.

The diet industry have turned many women into rebels for a good reason, we do not like restrictions and deprivations, we do not like to be told what we should or shouldn’t do, the problem is that some women have been so hurt by years of dieting that they reject a healthy life.

We can take this healthy spirit of rebellion and turn it into manifesting the life that we truly deserve and want. Here are 6 ways to keep your healthy rebel from becoming a self-saboteur.

Flexible Program

When choosing a health program, make sure that it is not rigid and that it allows for flexibility. Many health programs sound like religion, asking their followers to think that their way is the only way. Your body constantly goes through changes and your health needs will be different with each change. You might decide to stop being 100% vegan or experiment with removing or re-introducing gluten. A flexible program will allow you to make those changes.

Healthy Program

I do not recommend programs that are not balanced. Any health program that removes entire food groups and have long lists of vilified whole foods is not sustainable long term.

Follow YOUR Rules

The best health program is the one you make yourself based on listening to your body. It is perfectly ok to use a health program or dietary system partially. Take what works for you, leave what doesn’t and add what you need. You inner rebel will have no reason to kick and scream when it’s YOU who is in charge.

Talk To Yourself

Get rid of damaging diet language like “cheating”, “falling off the wagon”, not being”on track”, being “bad”, being “sinful” and their relatives. Learn to talk to yourself in encouraging ways, like you would talk to a dear friend. Tell yourself you are doing great, you are doing the best you can, you are learning and growing and trying and deserve a lot of appreciations for every little thing you do. That change in self-talk will create miracles!

Redirect Your Inner Rebel

When your rebel acts up remind her that she can rebel against being brainwashed by industries that tell her she is not good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough and powerful enough. She can rebel against practices that make her life smaller and create sickness and unhappiness. She can rebel against anything that holds her back from living the most radiant and joyful life she desires and deserves. Those reminders will help your rebel work for you and not against you.

Don’t Do It Alone

Getting support is perhaps the most important thing. When you surround yourself with other women who understand and encourage you, who have similar goals and who will always see your strength and your brilliance, it will act like a healing balm to you inner little girl. It will help you become your own fierce champion as you give and receive loving support.

This fall I will be starting women health groups, locally and on line. I will be working with small groups of women to transform our health and our lives. Space will be limited, please e-mail me now at for details and to reserve your spot!

Please leave your comments below, I would love to hear about your inner rebel!