Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Do you feel deprived when thinking about making healthier food choices? You are not alone. Many women cringe at the mention of making food changes even though they say and think that it is what they want. They perceive the decision to make a change as going on a “diet” and start fantasizing right away about cake, fries, creamy sauces, lots of cheese and chocolate.

In my blog Are You A Dieter Or A Lifestyler? I outlined many of the differences between going on a diet and making a lifestyle change. Feeling deprived is a big saboteur in the quest for a healthy and radiant life.

So let’s look at deprivation.

When you feel deprived you think of the things you want and can’t have. And because of past experiences and a society that is saturated with messages that tell you what you should and should not have you feel an even greater desire to eat the “forbidden fruit”. It is normal and natural.

A feeling of deprivation is an indication that you want to be free of restrictions and the control of outside dictates.

For many years, every time I decided to go on a diet I would have a major binge. It was my way of rebelling against rules and restrictions. I was saying: “No! You will not put me in food prison, I will break free!” And while my reaction came from a desire for freedom, my binges were devastating to my health. They left me feeling broken and defeated. They made my body lethargic, heavy and prone to crazy cravings. I was not experiencing the freedom I longed for. I was not in control. My food compulsions and addictions took over.

Because deprivation is the craving for freedom, the answer is true freedom. Freedom from being led by food compulsions, food addictions, uncontrollable cravings, guilt, feeling sick, knowing that your health is being compromised and that you are not living the radiant life you really want. And what you REALLY want is to be led by health. You say it all the time. It’s at the top of your goal list.

Start introducing real freedom by asking yourself the following questions before making food choices:

Does my body love it?
Does it make me feel vibrant?
Does it make my cells sing?


Does it throw me out of balance?
Does it drain me?
Does it make me crave even more unhealthy food?

Deprivation is not about satisfying a momentary craving, eating something that taste exciting or showering yourself with comfort. It is about looking at your whole life and asking yourself what you REALLY want.

Start learning about whole foods. Foods that are natural and delicious. Foods that create radiant health and disease free life. Foods that heal your digestion. Foods that balance your blood sugar and reduce your sweet cravings. Foods that create relaxed and sustained energy. Foods that make you feel light and happy. Foods that will support the life that you REALLY REALLY want.

Why would you deprive yourself of that?

Check out my 7 Day Cleanse for a gentle way to transition to whole food choices without feeling deprived.

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