One of my fondest childhood memories was seeing my dad in the kitchen preparing food. It rarely happened. My dad was old fashioned and yes, a little sexist, and believed that the kitchen was a woman’s domain. He was a baker by profession (read my blog Bread For My Dad) and would occasionally bake at home. But the only time I saw him make a non-bread dish was his radish and green onion salad. It was delicious! Grated huge radishes that were sharp and peppery, thinly sliced green onions, soft creamy white cheese, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, all mixed to a creamy salad. We used to eat it spread on slices of fresh crusty bread. I’m salivating at the memories.

I love almost all vegetables and radishes are up there in my top selection. It’s one of the reasons I love shopping at farmers markets, there are different kind of radishes all year long and I love eating them all.

Radishes contain many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. They help increase the body’s immunity and regulate blood pressure. One of the reasons I recommend to eat radishes daily while doing a dietary cleanse is because of their incredible cleansing properties. They help to keep our system flushed and regular. They are a natural diuretic and help purify the kidneys and the urinary system and relieve inflammation. They cleanse the liver and oxygenate the blood.

Some ways to enjoy radishes:

~ Try my dad’s salad with goat cheese.
~ Go french! Spread organic sweet butter on top of whole grain or gluten free bread, add sliced radishes and a sprinkle of sea salt.
~ Add grated radishes to salads! I love making grated carrots and daikon salad dressed with fresh squeezed juice of one orange, olive oil, salt and a little cinnamon.
~ If you find radishes too sharp, steam them! You can slice and steam radishes with other veggies and top them with creamy tahini sauce. YUM!

I invite you to go on a radish adventure and look for some of the wonderful varieties of this super healthy veggie.

Daikon Radishes.

Watermelon Radish.

China Rose Radish

French Radishes

A variety of winter radishes.


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