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A Cleanse for All Seasons

Imagine saying goodbye to feeling tired and lethargic, and greeting each day with lots of energy

Imagine walking around with a deep feeling of well being and joy and letting go of depression

Imagine seeing your sugar and carb cravings evaporate into thin air

Imagine being able to effortlessly have the healthy lifestyle you long for

I found the 7 day cleanse very easy and pleasant to follow. The recipes are clearly written and very tasty, and I enjoyed making the time to consciously look after my body and health. I felt full and satisfied throughout the week, and my skin was noticeably clearer. I had more energy throughout the day and even lost 7lbs!

I particularly liked trying some new recipes and inventing my own based on the recommended food list, and doing the hot towel scrub which was a new experience for me but one that I have continued since the cleanse finished. I have found that I now make more green smoothies and have continued to enjoy some of the recipes outside of doing the cleanse.

Elaine Maugham, United Kingdom

Freedom From Sugar Addiction

7 Steps To Get Off The Sugar Roller Coaster Ride And Reclaim Your Life! 

Does the thought of giving up sugar make you cringe?

Then welcome, you are in the right place!

After being on the sugar roller coaster for decades, even while being a health coach, I totally understand not wanting to feel deprived.

The Freedom From Sugar Addiction workshop is anything but depriving.

In fact, it is about GIVING, not taking.


Rachel Kieffer

Holistic Health Coach

Certified by The Institute For Integrative Nutrition And The American Association of Drugless Practitioners