I am always inspired by women’s real life stories. I read a lot of great health books and learn from many leading experts in the field of holistic health and it is very helpful and necessary in my business, but there is nothing like hearing first hand from women who have the same struggles and challenges I have to get my juices flowing and take up inspired action. Nadia has been inspired by me, inspired me back and I am sure you will find yourself in her story. So if you know you need to take steps to improve your health read on.

Nadia has moved to the United States from Germany and was outraged at the high prices of healthy foods in the U.S. compared to Germany. Fruits and vegetables were double or more in price and health food store visits were too expensive for someone who eats on a budget. So she and her husband fell into a routine of eating cheaper processed food, almost no fruits and vegetables, thinking that a full belly is better than eating salad and still feeling hungry.

Nadia was hesitant to go on my 7 Day Cleanse because of her fear of the high cost of wholesome food, the length of the cleanse and how complicated it will be. After I assured her that the cleanse is affordable, simple and adjustable she decided to give it a try for 2-3 days. What followed were 6 days of pure delight at discovering the joy of eating well and enjoying every bite!

Pictures speak louder than words and Nadia documented her journey with pictures and posts on her Facebook page and a video blog on her website, where she teaches women sacred self-care. I am sharing her journey in pictures and words, as well as the e-mails she sent me at the beginning and end of her cleanse.


Nadia sent me an email with a picture of the shopping list she made for a 3 day cleanse. She was so out of the habit of cooking and taking care of herself that 7 days seemed too overwhelming. She was excited to start the following day.

Nadia’s Facebook post:

“So grateful and excited to start my 7 Day Cleanse with Rachel Kieffer of Healthnutgirl.com
Already had my morning walk, lemon water with ginger and honey, as well as my morning smoothie ( banana, apple, carrot, kale, berries, coconut milk)
Now making myself my oatmeal, apple cinnamon.
I love the simplicity of this cleanse and the very practical down to earth approach. Cleansing with real food by cutting out the processed crap.
Rachel, my friend you were just the inspiration I needed.
Thank you”

Nadia’s Facebook post:

“Day 3 of my 7 Day Cleanse from Rachel Kieffer of Healthnutgirl.com.
Really, really loving the simplicity and ease of making these healthy and tasty meals 🙂
Oh my goodness!”

Nadia’s Facebook post:

“Day 4 of my 7 Day Cleanse ( well, I actually might make it 5 days…) from Rachel Kieffer of Healthnutgirl.com
I cooked: Scrambled Tofu with Veggies Cauliflower-Carrot-Pea ‘Curry’ with Basmati Rice. Yum!”

Nadia’s Facebook post:

I did it 6 days of detox with Rachel Kieffer of Healthnutgirl.com to kick-start better eating habits and fueling my body with home cooked whole foods versus processed junk.
Enjoying my salad for lunch ( greens, radishes, carrots, beans, corn , tomatoes, paprika) YUM!
I actually am going to settle into a routine of eating like this during the week Monday through Friday….and allowing myself to indulge a little on the weekend.
Thank you so much Rachel for helping me kickstart my healthy and good for me eating habits !”

Nadia’s Facebook post

“Happy Sanctuary Sunday 🙂
I so LOVE that I have been inspired by Rachel Kieffer of Healthnutgirl.com to fall in love with a healthier life.
This weekend I made Apple Cinnabon Muffins and we enjoyed those instead of processed ‘Pecan Swirls’ (like we have been in the past on weekends with our morning coffee).
The muffins were delicious and nourishing with all those good for you ingredients.
Here is the recipe…
Check it out!

And also love Rachel’s tip for the week (see below). It’s exactly what I will be doing this Sunday!
Surrounding your self with support can make or break your healthy lifestyle and that includes your ENVIRONMENT.
A healthy kitchen is essential to a healthy life.
~ Make sure it’s clean and organized…
~ Make meals easy to prepare by keeping the cooking utensils close to the stove

~ Get rid of anything that gets in your way: clutter, unnecessary utensils, things that are broken, foods that are no longer fresh and trigger foods.
~ Prep food for the week for easy meals: wash and cut your veggies, make a big pot of soup and freeze it in containers, make a salad for a few days, make healthy desserts so you won’t get tempted by unhealthy sugary treats.

Nadia’s e-mail

“Hello Rachel 🙂
I LOVED your approach and the cleanse very, very much.
I also LOVE your recipes. This weekend we will be cooking the Apple Cinnabon Muffins again.
Yes, I love that I can now turn to this cleanse on a regular basis. I really love everything about it.
Thank you Rachel.

My favorite part of the 7 Day Cleanse was it being simple, affordable, adaptable (I am vegetarian going on vegan) and easy to do. I also loved how the morning warm lemonade and green smoothie turned into a little ritual. Taking a time out instead of rushing ahead in my day.

The recommendations inspired me and I was so relieved to not be confronted with yet another ‘expensive’ detox plan that would require me to get all these ‘exotic health foods’.

I found that I spent no more than I usually spend on processed foods. WOW! What an eye opener. I actually only planned and shopped for three days and it ended up being so much that I improvised a little and used all of what was bought, stretching it to 6 days!

Within 1 day I felt my digestion improve. I was actually able to go 2-3 times a day. And I was no longer bloated. I felt energized by all the goodness of wholefoods. I really could feel the difference coming from eating a lot of processed food.”

Nadia’s blog and video

Nadia loved the cleanse so much that she shared it on her website with a beautiful video message. You can watch it here:
My favorite part of many in Nadia’s story is how the thought that healthier eating is more expensive turned out to be not so, her healthy grocery bill turned out costing the same. And if you think of all the long term benefits, she has saved much more money and gained priceless health.

Did you find Nadia’s story inspiring? What inspired you about it? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Nadia Shana Krauss is a Sacred Self Care Muse, Modern Day Medicine Woman and certified Rock Your Feminine Type Coach. Originally from Germany, infused with south african spice, Nadia has a contagious joy and magical charm.

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