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I have recently took part in two collaborative books, one of which, 365 Ways To Connect With Your Soul, has become an instant international best seller on Amazon (the second one has too!!!) it has been placed right next to Marianne Williamson on the best selling list! Wowza!! PINCH ME!!!

This book makes the PERFECT holiday present for you and your loved ones, it is filled with stories of healing, connection and heart from 200 women all from all over the world. It will touch your soul and inspire you to live a fuller life. The book is structured as daily readings so you can get your doze of inspiration every day of the year. I have 3 stories there.

One of my stories is: Love Your Body Now. I am sharing it here with you.For a limited time, you will receive over 100 gifts from the authors when you purchase the book, so hurry up. Order it here.

Here is one of my chapters from 365 Ways To Connect With Your Soul. 

Love Your Body Now.

When was the last time you looked at your reflection in the mirror and smiled back with delight?

We live in a world that bombards women with messages that they are not good enough, beautiful enough, thin enough, young enough and successful enough. We internalize those messages and we direct them at our bodies: if only I lost weight, if only my breasts were bigger, if only I looked younger, if only my hair was a different color. Body hatred or it’s milder form, body dissatisfaction seems to afflict almost every woman.

The cosmetic, beautification, fashion and plastic surgery industries are making huge profits by reinforcing those messages. Even the diet industry and it’s more wholesome version, the holistic health industry are giving us the message that we need to be fixed because we are flawed. It is important to look at those messages as what they truly are: lies.

The truth is that you are beautiful, that your body is lovely and that every part of you is good and deserved to be loved fiercely and tenderly. Women’s bodies come in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms and they are all magnificent. Your physical body is unique, there is only one of you in the whole world and it is a cause for celebration.

As a holistic nutritionist I meet many women who want to make changes and that is wonderful. It is a good idea to improve your food choices, to become more active, to increase your energy, to heal from what ails you and to create a healthy body at a healthy weight. It is ok if dissatisfaction with your body started you on a healing journey but somewhere along the path you will have to learn to love your body or any attempts to make healthy changes are doomed to fail.

Why would you feel it is worth taking care of something you don’t like?

And what wouldn’t you do to take care of something you cherish and love?

Thank you for reading and please order the book today, tell your friends about it and let me know what you think.



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