Beautiful soul,

Women treat their body like it is their enemy.
They hate their thighs
They want to eliminate their bulge
They want to reduce this part of that part
The words they use and the messages they send to themselves
Create the feeling that when it comes to their relationship with their body

And for some
It is an ongoing war
That lasts a life time

But the truth is
Your body is not your enemy
In fact, it is your friend
Just consider all the amazing things your body does for you
Every single day
Every single minute
Your lungs breathe for you
Your heart beats for you
Your digestion system works miracles
In giving your body nourishment and eliminating waste
Your senses give you information and connection
Your legs take you places
Your arms perform endless tasks
Your body is there for you in every possible way
Despite repeated unhealthy choices that you make

Your body is miraculous
It has amazing healing capabilities
It works tirelessly to repair and balance itself
And with just a little cooperation from you
It will reward you with glowing health

Start a loving dialogue with your body
Is there any part you particularly don’t like?
Talk to it
Tell it you are willing to learn to love it
Embrace it
Stroke it lovingly
And ask it for what you want
If you will talk to your body lovingly
It will listen
It will follow you
It will change for you
It is your body
Your one and only body
It is time to make peace with it



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