Hello love bugs!

Do you want to create something new in your life?
Healthier eating habits?
A healthier, slimmer body?
An active life style?
More joy and happiness?
Anything that will make your life better???

If you are like most women
You usually start with a program
Whether it’s a program you came up with yourself
Or something that someone else created
And it’s filled with great advice, helpful tips and good intentions
And you follow the steps
And you make some changes
And you start seeing positive results
And that is wonderful

But then old patterns start to come back
And you start slipping
And you try to hold on
And life becomes a battle field
Between the new and the old
Between the beautiful life you envision for yourself
And the things you yearn to change

As you heal on any level
It involves letting go of things that no longer serve you
And as you let go
Those old patterns tend to periodically intensify
You have those patterns for a reason
They helped you cope
They got you through difficult situations
They protected you
Maybe they even helped you survive
At a time when you did not have other resources
They were the best you could figure out
So please stop feeling bad about it
And Congratulate yourself for being a survivor!

Now it is time to let them go

And the following 4 steps will help you do that

1. Bless your patterns and thank them.
They will put up less of a fight if you release them with love
After all, you came up with them
And they came to your rescue
So thank them
Acknowledge the fact that they helped you
And list all the ways they did
Do it in writing
Think of it as saying good bye to a dear friend
That is moving away
Far faraway

2. Feel the pain.
Your patterns came in because of a painful experience
In the process of releasing them you will experience that pain again
That is when a lot of people give up
Please don’t
Stay with the pain, with the despair, with the discomfort
It will not last
And it is a necessary part of healing
Give yourself a mental hug
Give yourself a real hug
Surround yourself with tenderness and support
You are healing
And there is joy at the end of the tunnel

3. Practice ways to emotionally release the pain
Journal about it
Cry your heart out
Go to the bathroom, close the door and scream
Beat the pillows
Talk to a supportive friend
Let the pain and heartache wash through you
It is leaving and you will be cleansed and renewed

4. Support yourself with the right foods
Nutritionally, refined foods and heavy animal proteins
Keep things stuck in our bodies
And whole plant based foods are cleansing physically and emotionally
It is very helpful to do a dietary cleanse
It can be the magic ingredient that you need
To create a newer and healthier you

For one day:
Start your morning with a cup of warm water and lemon juice
Stretch and breathe deeply
Eat whole grains for breakfast
Have a large salad with beans, nuts and avocado for lunch
Have an early light dinner of lentil soup, brown rice and cooked vegetables
Drink plenty of water throughout the day
Get plenty of rest
It will help you feel renewed
It will help you release old patterns
And your digestive system will thank you!

If you would like to do a more transformative cleanse
Please check out my gentle and powerful 7 day cleanse program
At www.healthnutgirl.com

Wishing you a life filled with health and joy.


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