Hello loves,

One of the things I like to do on a regular basis is take classes, attend webinars and expand my learning. I see myself as an eternal student and I love to learn new things. Last year I learned to paint, this year I am learning Korean and I am sure that years to come will bring new experiences of learning.

In the area of holistic health, whole food nutrition, self loving/self nurturing life style I also like to attend classes, read books, go to workshops and follow people who’s work resonates with me. I do learn new things that I incorporate into my life and into my practice but the vast majority of the information I hear is not new, it’s things that I already know and practice. Yet, I continue to do it regularly. Why? I believe that you live in what you immerse yourself in.

Let’s face it, the world we live in is run by huge industries that taint the information we are getting. The food industry. The diet industry. The health industry. There are commercials and messages that we are exposed to many many times a day that give us false information.

And then there are the myriad of situations we are exposed to every day…

You want to avoid white flour/white sugar but you pass by a bakery and the sight and smells are so enticing…

You decided to start cooking healthy meals but your family is resisting and complaining…

You committed to walking every day but it’s snowing outside…

There are so many reasons every day that can make it hard for us to remember that we decided to prioritize ourselves and our health. We are immersed in temptations and distractions, we are manipulated and brainwashed and it is no wonder we have such a hard time staying on a healthy path.

You see, most women try to be strong, resist temptation, remember their commitments and it might work for a while. But when you are bombarded with constant messages of unhealthy choices, you eventually become tired, overwhelmed and then your resistance weakens and then you feel defeated and upset with yourself.

I would like to suggest an alternative:

Immerse yourself with messages of health and self-love as much as possible. That is why I do it, first and foremost for myself. I can also feel overwhelmed, tempted to reach for the sugary/quick-energy snack, “forget” to exercise and feel “blah”. By immersing myself in information and messages of nurturing, even if it’s a repeat of what I already know, I get regular doses of inspiration and motivation and then I don’t have to “fight” temptation, it simply doesn’t call my name.

Here are some ideas to immerse yourself in health:

• Watch YouTube videos! There are so many great videos out there, choose the ones that speak to you. I will often search for videos in the topic of “Ayurveda”, “Whole Food Recipes”, “Raw Desserts”, “Guided Meditation” and “Yoga”. Find the teachers/coaches that you like and subscribe to their channel so you can get notified when they post new videos. While you’re there subscribe to my Health-Nut Girl Channel!!!

• Read self-nurturing books! I always have a couple of books I read alternately, one of them is always a book that inspires me to live in a healthy, empowered and loving way. I love female authors like Louise Hay, Brene Brown, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Debra Reble, and the inspiring story collections of Linda Joy and Jodi Chapman.

• One of my favorite and most self-nurturing things to do is to read recipe books. I hardly follow recipes, but I love to read cookbooks, especially if they have big colorful pictures. It just really inspires me to get into the kitchen, gets my creative juices flowing and helps me conjure up delicious meals. Get some cookbooks or subscribe to a healthy cooking magazine and get creative in the kitchen.

• Be part of a health minded community.
In Okinawa, Japan, women meet regularly in a group called ‘Moai’. They sit together, talk, share their lives ups and downs and give each other companion and support. That community lives longer than almost anyone in the world, it is one of the world’s Blue Zone spots (longevity spots) and it is very common for people to live into their 100’s in good and functional health.
Don’t try to do it alone.
Get together with a friend for daily walks.
Enlist family members to cook with you.
Join a local yoga class.
Look for a community gardening club.
Being part of a group is one of the most inspiring and motivating things you can do for your health.
The women in my online Women Health Circles sing the praises of the support and motivation they get from being part of the circle. I invite you to join our next group, you can get more information and sign up here and please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions at contact@healthnutgirl.com

What are some of your favorite ways to immerse yourself in healthy living? Please share so we can continue to inspire each other.

xoxo Rachel